Gustavo Gonzalez

Chief Technology Officer

IT Convergence , Argentina


Gustavo Gonzalez Figueroa is currently Chief Technology Officer at IT Convergence, leading the decision of technology strategy for technology platforms, partnerships, and external relationships. Specialized in Corporate ERP & Analytics Solutions, with more than 18 years implementing and upgrading Oracle Applications for worldwide organizations. As a recognized Oracle ACE Director, Gustavo has delivered presentations in more than 200 conference around the world in more than 25 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Based in Argentina enjoys traveling for business and leisure with his family around the world. In 2015, he co-founded Agridata in the heart of the Argentina’s “Pampa Humeda” with a huge vision: to embrace IoT and Big Data in Agri-business. Delivering Agribusiness services and software as a service to farmers and agri-investors in a single, simple and intuitive platform. Revolutionizing how farmers in the region will collect and analyze their data without having to integrate multiple sources into your analysis. The company fully acquired by one of the partners in 2017. Gustavo joined the VAQAPP team in 2016 providing the IT vision to a consolidated team of subject matter experts in the cattle business. Since then he has been focused on product built with the best UX for this particular set of users.


Learn how to unlock your EBS data for free running in days! (Connect 2019)

Event: Connect 2019

Stream:Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications) ,Security

Since 2018 Oracle has been investing constantly in this new product called “Enterprise Command Centers for E-Business Suite”. These ECC are “unlocking the value of enterprise data” without any licensing costs. It is a product that is “free” for E-Business Suite customers running release 12.2.4 and above and is so simple to install that you can get it to work in “days”. The vision of ECC is to add visibility and optimize the work of E-Business Suite users by enhancing the way they work and accelerating their day-to-day activities. It is a starting dashboard with the right information to act and go straight to the documents or transactions. The rich graph and easy use of refinements -filters, and a powerful search.

Tired of apps. Living in Digital Assistants (Connect 2019)

Event: Connect 2019

Stream:Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications) ,Security

The growth of the Digital Assistants had to do with the fatigue of apps that we have in our day to day. We needed an option to make application interaction and information search more attractive. This session will help analyze the impact of the advance towards Artificial Intelligence to develop chatbots solutions. E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud SaaS customers are embracing Chatbots for Payables, Receivables and even at the System administrator level. We will learn how you can agilely build chatbots for your existing or new applications almost without limits by means of Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Service.