APEX SPECIAL SERIES is again here in 2022 and AUSOUG is proud to announce yet another exceptional event.

After the first introduction in 2017, APEX SPECIAL SERIES has now reached the community members within the APAC Region and beyond focusing on Oracle APEX Technology with an aim to create a strong platform for experience and knowledge exchange amongst us all.

Workshops and free webinars with renowned Oracle APEX Experts targeted at audience of all levels will be no exception this year.

Series starts later in May 2022/early June and will continue monthly throughout the year focusing on your favourite low code tool, Oracle APEX, covering all levels of expertise, from beginners to experts.

AUSOUG is proud to announce the strong line up of speakers who will deliver great sessions and we look forward to the large community taking a part.

Invite your colleagues, team mates and other who share the same passion. Please help us share this invite!!!

Recordings will be available for all members who missed out on a certain topic.

Team is working on final confirmations of the program. Once finalized Sign up for the sessions by clicking on the link below.

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Past APEX Workshops 2022

Oracle APEX Security workshop in PerthLino Schendfeld3/8/2022

Past Presentations

APEX Special Series 2022

APEX Plug-in Development Done Right by Zsolt Angyal
Plug-ins have the ability to make developer's lives easier. Not only can they be used to introduce features that APEX lacks out of the box, but they're also great at modularizing already existing functionality into reusable components, saving time and cutting down on future maintenance costs. It's not a surprise that a great number of APEX Applications includes at least one, but rather more, homemade or 3rd party plug-ins. In this session I will discuss many of the lessons I've learned contributing to the biggest open-source APEX plug-in framework in the community, FOS. We will look at the important aspects of performance, security, consistency, extensibility and version-control across multiple plug-ins, but also at the aspects of documentation and presentation, all of which are imperative in building a successful plug-in. After the session the audience can ensure that they're on the right track either picking the right plug-in for the job, or professional building their own.
APEX Special Series 2022 Recording
Process Automation functionality within Oracle APEX by Ralf Mueller
With the release of Oracle APEX 22.1, a journey towards enabling Process Automation functionality within Oracle APEX has started.
The new Approvals Component in Oracle APEX 22.1 offers basic Task Management and streamlines Approvals in APEX apps and Workflows under a new Unified Task List.
In this session we give an overview and demo of the Approvals Component and how it can be used in applications and provide an outlook on future Workflow functionality within Oracle APEX.
APEX Special Series 2022 Recording
APEX 22.1: Progressive Web Apps by Vincent Morneau
In the last year, Oracle APEX introduced support for Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This is the beginning of a long-term commitment to help APEX developers create apps with deeper integration into desktop and mobile devices. This session will cover what a PWA is and how it might benefit an APEX app. It will demonstrate what an APEX PWA can achieve now and present a roadmap for 2023 and beyond.

APEX Special Series 2022 Recording
Confirm & Alert by Oliver Lemm
Confirm and alert are existing since the beginning of Javascript. Due the last versions of APEX the functionality was enhanced, especially with the new integrated alert and confirm actions in APEX 21.2. But what does it mean and what do we have to change? Is it now possible to use alert and confirm in a well looking format without any custom code? What about the APEX JavaScript API changes for these functions? Does the JavaScript Callback mechanique has any impact on this change? Even if you think it's a no brainer, there are some useful hints how to use this changed feature.
APEX Special Series 2022 Recording
Building process-oriented apps with Oracle APEX and Flows for APEX 22.1 by Niels de Bruijn
Flows for APEX is an open source extension of Oracle APEX with which you can model and run business processes based on BPMN 2.0. In this session, I will first give an overview of Flows for APEX and focus on the new features that came with 22.1. After this, we are going to look at how to integrate your BPMN model with APEX using the plug-ins that ship with Flows for APEX.
APEX Special Series 2022 Recording

APEX Special Series 2021

Migrate Your Oracle Forms Apps to Oracle APEX by Monica Godoy Oracle Forms is an established technology that has been popular for building data applications for decades. Today, there are several approaches for building such applications. In this session, you will learn: • How to use Oracle APEX to modernize your Oracle Forms-based applications. • When it’s a good moment to modernize • What you should do before starting this type of projects • Demonstration from Forms to APEX28 May 2021
Location matters: The new Map Region Type in APEX 21.1 by Carsten Czarski This presentation introduces the new Map Region Type, which was introduced the latest APEX release 21.1. Attendees will learn, how to easily visualize location data from a SQL query or a REST Data Source on a map - all declarative, without manual coding and without external Plug-Ins. The session will also cover how to integrate a Map region with other APEX region types like Charts, Reports or Faceted Search. Tips and tricks about visualizing larger amounts of data and how to leverage Oracle Spatial functionality will wrap the session up.30 June 2021
APEX Dynamic Action 21.1 Enhancements & Workshop by Lino Schildenfeld Today's users have high expectations of modern, rich and responsive apps from their day to day exposures. This is exactly what Dynamic actions are for and why they are so loved by us Dev's and end users. In this session we tack all corners of DA and how they can be utilized in your applications. Things we will cover: - Triggering actions on uncommon page elements - Event bubbling - Passing data between your DA and PL/SQL - Debugging - Best/Bad practices30 July 2021
Low Code Development with Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database by Chaitanya Koratamaddi Oracle APEX is the world’s most popular low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern data-driven applications. Business users and application developers can create enterprise apps 38X faster without having to learn complex web technologies. Gain hands on experience learning how the new APEX Service works to build a fully functional APEX app in less than an hour. Go from zero to hero in a ridiculously short period of time! This workshop includes two parts: Creating an App based on Existing Tables for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to quickly and easily build impressive apps on top of your existing data. Building an App using REST Data Sources for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services In this hands-on lab, you learn how easy it is to build Oracle APEX apps utilizing RESTful Services. You learn how to create REST enabled database objects, and then use those REST endpoints as the basis for REST Data Sources within an application.09 August 2021
Flows for APEX 5.1.2 and beyond by Niels de Bruijn Flows for APEX is an open source tool that enables modeling as well as execution of BPMN 2.0 processes in Oracle Application Express. In this session I will give an overview of what it is all about and will outline what is in the works for the next release. 26 August 2021
The Top 10 New Features in APEX 21.1 that Everyone Should Know! by Chaitanya Koratamaddi Oracle Application Express release 21.1 is packed with features you'll want to know about to create the most beautiful, performant, secure applications on top of Oracle Database. In this session, Chaitanya will present the APEX 21.1 new features including the brand-new Maps component, Application Data Loading, Faceted Search enhancements and so much more! The session also includes a quick overview of what’s coming up in APEX 21.2. 30 September 2021
An update on report printing in Oracle APEX by Menno Hoogendijk The Oracle APEX team continues to invest time and effort to improve report printing. Native PDF printing was introduced in version 19.2, Excel (XLSX) was added in 20.2, and Hebrew and Arabic font support in 21.1. Our goal for APEX 21.2 is to add even more features. Join me to have a look at the latest improvements, explore the new APEX_DATA_EXPORT API and learn more about our roadmap. 14 October 2021


Big thank you to all speakers and a special thanks to Chaitanya for his efforts in helping AUSOUG team deliver this year’s series.