Our Mission

The Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) represents a collective of 2000+ IT industry professionals focused on the technologies, applications, strategies and business of Oracle and its products, along with associated third party vendors. Our members enjoy a comprehensive range of exclusive information, services and networking opportunities within an independent professional body which is part of a worldwide network. In an industry where the practitioner is consistently inundated with (often biased) information, products and services, AUSOUG is widely recognised as a key objective provider of opportunities to its members.  Our mission is;

“To be the leading independent forum for Oracle professionals, partners and users in Australia.”

AUSOUG, which is an independent user group, has the following objectives;

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  • Grow and nurture Oracle communities through the provision of knowledge, innovative services and independent representation
  • Present a unified voice for the Oracle professionals and user communities to partners, media and affiliated organisations
  • Provide responsive services, support and collaborative forums that enhance the effectiveness of members, partners and affiliate interest groups