Andy Haack

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Andy Haack

Managing Director



Andy is an E-Business Suite specialist with two decades experience working on EBS implementation projects across various industries. During his consulting career, he covered various functional and technical roles and soon discovered his passion for lean and efficient technical designs. As a specialist for performance tuning and database optimization, a big part of Andy’s job included writing SQLs for custom data extracts from the Oracle EBS. The lack of efficient and flexible reporting solutions inspired him to found Enginatics and to build Blitz Report™, the world’s fastest reporting for Oracle E-Business Suite. Andy now works as Managing Director of Enginatics and helps EBS clients to achieve maximum performance from their systems.


How ECC dashboards and the world’s fastest EBS reporting solution enhance your user EBS experience

Event: Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-EBS
Stream: Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications), EPM, Analytics.

Abstract Description: ECC Dashboards – Let us give you a tour of the new "Enterprise Command Centers" (ECC) that Oracle includes free of charge with the 12.2 upgrade. ECC is a completely integrated dash-board system with more than 23 different dashboards currently available. ECC is designed to help users zero in on day to day decision making data from many EBS modules. World’s fastest EBS reporting solution – Increase your team efficiency by getting end-user operational reports faster than ever before with modern, easy to use reporting. This presentation shows how a new approach can provide easier, faster, more efficient access to data in an instantly usable format that end users love. See how to migrate reports from existing aging and inefficient EBS reporting tools like Discoverer and BI Publisher. With the ability to export over one million transactions in less than 10 seconds, and with unlimited data output, it is an option that users of large volumes of data need to see to believe! This presentation will demonstrate how to navigate several of the ECC dashboards, using live data, (not PowerPoint!) It will also demonstrate Blitz Report™, a reporting option available to EBS operational users looking to manage large volumes of transactional data quickly and efficiently. The goal is to help users understand when and how to use the ECC dashboards and to also help them assess the value of adding a new transactional reporting solution to their current reporting and analytics tools.