Anthony Vandewerdt



Anthony joined Actifio in April 2012 after 23 years at IBM. He is currently Actifio's field CTO for Asia-Pacific. He has architected and implemented many Actifio solutions across Asia Pacific. Anthony is a Storage Virtualization SME; plays a key role as part of Actifio’s product development team and is also the Director of Actifio’s Asia-Pacific pre-sales team.


Can you really run an Oracle Database on Object Storage? (Connect 2019)

Event: Melbourne-Connect-2019


Object storage is cheap and virtually limitless. It has huge benefits for storing backups and mass media, but could you copy a database there and actually use it? In this presentation we will talk about what Object storage is, how it is changing the economics of storage and then show how Actifio can be used to create virtual instant copies of production databases using Object storage as the medium, saving time and money without sacrificing performance.