Tony Jambu

Tony Jambu

Data Analytics Manager

National Australia Bank


Tony Jambu is an Oracle professional with over 29 years Oracle experience specializing in database development and performance tuning. He regularly presents papers at Oracle conferences in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Tony was awarded the Oracle Consultant of the Year by Oracle Magazine for his knowledge and experience in Oracle technology. In addition, he was also awarded the title Oracle ACE by Oracle Corp for his technical contribution to the Oracle community. Tony works for the National Australia Bank as a Data Analytics Manager.


SQLdb360: The NextGen of Performance Diagnostics replacing SQLHC and SQLTXPLAIN?

Event: Connect 2018, Melbourne

Stream:Emerging Technologies

SQLdb360 is a new and free open-source performance diagnostics toolset comprising of two complementing tools, eDB360 and SQLd360. (1) eDB360 is database-wide health check and diagnosis tool complementing Exacheck, raccheck and oracheck. (2) SQd360 on the other hand is a performance diagnostic tool for a single SQL. The tools are authored by ex Oracle and Enkitec staff, Carlos Sierra and Mauro Pagano. Both tools are non-intrusive and can run on the source database without installing anything on the database, producing a set of files for offline diagnostics review using a HTML browser or text editor. Some of the information gathered includes AWR, ASH amd ADDM reports depending on licensing. They can be use independent of each other. This presentation will demonstrate what the tools are, how to use them and review their outputs. One of the helpful features of both tools is that they use Google charts libraries to produce effective charts and diagrams to present the raw data in an easy to understand format.