Gregg van der Westhuizen

Solution Engineer Manager

insightsoftware Excel4apps


Gregg leads the solution engineering team for the Asia Pacific. He works closely with the sales team to provide technical and functional assistance throughout the sales process so that insightsoftware solutions are aligned to the challenges faced by organizations using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). He also provides technical demonstrations of insightsoftware’s products, proof of concepts, solution architectures, and consulting and training services. Gregg studied programming at TDF Programming Institute in South Africa, qualifying as ITUC – COBOL Entry Level Programmer.


What is SLA and how can it work for you? Knowledge is everything when it comes to this topic

Event: Connect 2019

Stream:E-Business Suite

The topic of Oracle SubLedger Accounting (SLA) to many is perceived as complex. It is further uncommon knowledge that SLA can be amended to suite business needs and aid analysis. The session will provide an overview of SLA and how it can be configured to improve financial reporting. We also explore how SLA updates feed into GL Wand and SLA drilldown In short, this presentation will cover the following: • What is Subledger Accounting (SLA)? • Understanding SLA and its default setup in Oracle • Making sense of the various components of SLA • Configuration changes to the accounting rules in SLA made easy • Leveraging the SLA repository as a single source of reporting • Unlocking SLA reporting with GL Wand