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Boldly led by the National Committee, AUSOUG has embarked on a revolution launched by our new site and culminating in fresh initiatives throughout 2019 and beyond!

Operating for over 30 years, servicing thousands of loyal members it was time for a ‘step up’ and a new look at the way we operate and interact with our Membership.  Starting with My Account which allows you to update and maintain your Membership and details at a click, keeping you informed and us in the loop. Sounds simple, but keeping a database of thousands of contacts that are changing jobs and details almost weekly has always been an arduous task.

The new eCommerce capability of joining online, ongoing subscriptions, booking events and purchasing tickets for training days and Conferences makes it all fast, clear and simple to be an active Member of the Group. The launch of our new Virtual Membership is very exciting for those on the move or who live out of town or overseas. They can now access our online content through webinars, virtual training and white papers at a price point too good to pass up!

We havn’t forgotten our valued Partners either with a revamp of the Partner Program. Now more in line with specific sponsored events as well as an annual marketing plan for the National Partners. Brings with it greater opportunities to be involved, share their expertise and host events which can only spell more action and choice for our Membership.

The 2018 Connect Conference series will see the launch of the AUSOUG Masters Program. Each year AUSOUG  will recognise the expertise, effort and support of key individuals through the Masters Program.  These individuals are selected based on their contribution to AUSOUG, the wider IT industry and, in particular, the Oracle technology sector. Dubbed the ‘famous first four’, these inaugural AUSOUG Masters will be presented on stage with their appointment in appreciation for many years of great work, expertise and support.

These initiatives, along with new technology and infrastructure now running behind the scenes mark the beginning of a new era for AUSOUG. It’s an exciting time! This movement will inspire more people to get involved, present and share knowledge and perhaps join the ranks of the wonderful committee members in your State. All adding fuel to the bright future ahead!

We’ve built the platform. Get set for the ride.

Clay Barker

National President