Print and Export data in the format (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, …) you want with AOP

You have all your data somewhere, but now you want to generate PowerPoints, Excel files, HTML, PDFs and much more in the format you’ve defined. This session will show exactly how you export your data in a format (template) you’ve defined in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, ​and HTML by using the innovative APEX Office Print […]

AME as replacement for Oracle Intermedia/Multimedia

Starting in Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Multimedia is deprecated and is desupported in Oracle Database 19c. In their documentation, Oracle recommends that you store multimedia content in SecureFiles LOBs and use open source or third-party products for image processing and conversion. APEX Media Extension is a seamless alternative to Oracle Multimedia.

Dynamic actions – inside and out

Ever since available in APEX 4.0 Dynamic actions are still one of the most powerful and most loved features of Oracle APEX 19.x. In this session fully based on demos we will learn all necessary basics that will guide you into mastering Dynamic actions in APEX. Regardless if you are new to APEX or have […]

The Best Things In Life Are Free: Free Oracle Cloud Offerings

At OpenWorld 2019, Oracle announced a new cloud-free tier. This free tier offers quite a generous amount of resources-2 autonomous databases with 20 GB each, 2 VMs, and a load balancer. This session will walk through how to request the Oracle Cloud-free tier. It will then walk through configuring 2 databases-one ATP and one ADW-and […]

APEX Interactive Grids: Standardize for Productivity and Sanity

Interactive Grids have a myriad of customization options, some declarative, and most via JavaScript APIs. How does a developer, or an organization stay sane, organized and consistent with so many options? Standardize! Delivering clean, uniform, customized interactive grids within a single application, or across many developers and many applications is easier than you think. This […]