Learn how to speed your implementation by 30% by accelerating your testing through automation

After a long journey to the final software investment, whether it was on Oracle Applications Unlimited or an Oracle Cloud SaaS, the end result of your big investment might be seen as a failure without a testing strategy executed successfully. In any scenario the existence of customizations and integrations makes testing even more challenging and it is becoming essential […]

EBS Foundation – What’s new in 12.2.8 and 12.2.9 and impacts on OCI

What is new in the EBS foundational tools commonly referred to as Foundation (FND), Application Object Library (AOL), or Application Technology Group (ATG) in 12.2.8 and 12.2.9? Does it matter if you have deployed on prem or in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? We will cover these topics and provide detailed information on new features in […]

Maximising your EBS data in challenging times

Finance teams are under tremendous pressure to adapt to a quickly shifting situation. We know that access to the latest data is critical to answering the new questions facing your business on a daily basis. See how using the insightsoftware tools can empowers your teams to work through these challenges, and our commitment during these unprecedented times is to open up access to our financial […]