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Featuring presentations in:
  • Database Development
  • APEX
  • SQL

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.


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I am paying for my Cloud License. What’s next? by Alecsandra Mlynarzek 

Oracle launched in 2019 the Enterprise Licensing model, a bundle that includes by default Profitability and Cost Management.

We often pay for services/subscriptions that we never really use, but not because of their lack of usefulness, but rather a lack of knowledge on our part.

This presentation will kick off with an overview of the different types of business problems that can be solved by Profitability and Cost Management, based on real-life implementations, followed by a short demo of how to quickly get up to speed with Profitability and Cost Management and where to start using this service that now comes included with your subscription.

This session is ideal for both customers and implementation partners who have not yet embarked on the journey of discovering how dynamic Profitability and Cost Management really is.

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I am paying for my Cloud License. What’s next? by Alecsandra Mlynarzek



Thank you to all the following speakers, from within Australia and around the globe, who have kindly submitted their papers for Virtual Connect 2020.

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