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11th November 2020

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I am paying for my Cloud License. What's next? by Alecsandra Mlynarzek Oracle launched in 2019 the Enterprise Licensing model, a bundle that includes by default Profitability and Cost Management.

We often pay for services/subscriptions that we never really use, but not because of their lack of usefulness, but rather a lack of knowledge on our part.

This presentation will kick off with an overview of the different types of business problems that can be solved by Profitability and Cost Management, based on real-life implementations, followed by a short demo of how to quickly get up to speed with Profitability and Cost Management and where to start using this service that now comes included with your subscription.

This session is ideal for both customers and implementation partners who have not yet embarked on the journey of discovering how dynamic Profitability and Cost Management really is.
11/11/202010:00am AEDT50 minutes
A Logical Approach to Oracle EPM Security by Jake Turrell As an EPM Solution Architect, I am often asked to perform "Health Checks" on my clients' Planning and Budgeting applications.

These health checks focus on performance, usability, data integrity, automation, governance and the overall maintainability of the application.

Having performed a number of these Health Checks, one of the most common deficiencies that I uncover is related to security.

With enough time, and enough cooks in the kitchen, all security schemes seem to deteriorate into a mess of confusion and conflicting assignments.

This presentation will walk users through a common-sense approach to security design within Oracle's EPM solutions.

It will illustrate how administrators can lower maintenance, simplify debugging, and avoid common pitfalls.
11/11/202011:00am AEDT50 minutes
Pushing the Limits at TDK InvenSense: setting Workforce and Sales Planning to Auto-Pilot by Matthias Heilos Organizations are expanding the use of their Enterprise Planning (EPBCS/PBCS) applications across various departments and business processes like Workforce and Sales Planning.

The source data is coming from HR and CRM systems which contain very delicate information: HR systems store sensitive data about their employees, CRM systems track the pipeline for sales revenue.

One the one hand, managing flat files poses security risks.

On the other hand, there are frequent metadata changes to capture new or changed employees/positions as well as customers/opportunities/sales organizations.

In this session we are going to discuss how workforce and sales planning applications can be fully automated and which challenges need to be overcome.
11/11/202012:00pm AEDT50 minutes
The Force is Strong with Enterprise Reporting and Data Analytics by Ahmed Hafez A new dawn is upon us where Data is the world’s most valuable commodity! In fact, concepts like Enterprise Reporting, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI are all hot topics for modern business leadership, with the biggest question being:
how can my data work for me? Recognizing this, organizations are in a race to become data driven. Simply put, this is about making informed and timely decisions and unlocking possibilities based on having access to valuable insights.

Oracle Narrative Reporting, Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse are front and centre of this new dawn for Oracle.

The reality is every organization will be at a different stage in their journey to become data driven;
by adopting Oracle technology and the appropriate digital transformation plan, you are able to maximize success on this journey.

This session will cover:
• Measuring your Reporting and Analytics maturity
• Understanding the Reporting Pyramid
• The difference between manual and automated reporting processes
11/11/20201:30pm AEDT50 minutes
So, You want to be a Data Scientist (Or Understand What One Does)! by Andrew Preston The Harvard Business Review said that Data Scientist “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century“.

Are you confused as to what is Data Science, if so you are in good company because even among data scientists there is confusion.

This talk will provide a basic overview of data science principals, for those wishing to become a data scientist, or just those who wish to understand what a Data Scientist does and how to start down the road to either become a data scientist or enable you to deal with one.

We will also cover the data science team, data traps, and why failing can be beneficial.
11/11/20202:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Changing face of Integrations in EPM by Navan Mehra Transitioning to the cloud is both a strategic priority, but also a strategic risk for many companies.

With investments over the years in a combination of both on-premises and cloud technologies, any new EPM tool will require a hybrid approach to data management – where sourcing metadata and data from multiple sources is the norm, not the exception.

EPM Cloud and the new features contained with the EPM Integration agent are a great step forward in delivering that new reality.

This session explores various options available to make these integrations flexible and powerful with tips and tricks around the following topics:
• Integrating on-premise systems using Integration Agent
• Integrating cloud systems using the integration agent
• Marrying Groovy and Data Management to deliver robust and reliable solutions
• On-demand data load from sources – real-time data for your clients By the end of the session, you’ll have all the information to convert Data Management into a true Data Hub.
11/11/20203:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Predicting Good Wines in the Database with Oracle Machine Learning & Oracle analytics Cloud by Francesco Tisiot, Brendan Tierney Oracle Machine Learning includes a set of tools enabling data scientist to create production ready Machine Learning models close to where the data sits: the database!

The presentation and demo shows a full data science process: from the creation of an Autonomous Data Warehouse in the cloud in few clicks, the data upload, the creation of a deeply customisable Machine Learning model via notebooks available immediately with ADW which enable also the the visual data exploration.

Few PL/SQL calls will create the ML model which will then be used to create predictions on the fly.

The model itself and the results generated will be visualised in Oracle Analytics Cloud showing how easy is the Business Analyst - Data Scientist collaboration within the Oracle ecosystem.

So, sit back, grab a glass and learn some practical and fun Oracle tech tips.
11/11/20204:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Oracle Analytics and Dashboards OOTB with Fusion Analytics Warehouse (formerly OAX) by Paul Vella & Reshma Shinde This session will include:

What is OAX?
How is it deployed?
What does it include?
How can it be customised?
11/11/20205:30pm AEDT50 minutes

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.


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