Virtual Connect 2020 Development/APEX Day Series

AUSOUG Virtual Connect 2020

Development/APEX Day Series

10th November 2020

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Great APEX Grids, the Sane Way by Karen Cannell APEX Interactive Grids are a huge improvement over tabular forms and in many ways a step up over interactive reports, yet many developers are not (yet) realizing the full potential of interactive grids – grids are not just for editing!

This session gives you the key tips you need to maximize your adoption and implementation of interactive grids.
- Are you aware of all the declarative options of grids and making best use of them?
- Can you confidently alter or extend grid toolbars, headers and features?
- Are your grids consistent within your applications, and across applications?

If you hesitate on any of these questions, you need this session. Learn how to maximize the use of grid declarative features, how to confidently extend grid toolbars, headers or features, and how to deploy consistent professional grids within and across applications, the sane way.
10/11/202111:00am AEDT50 minutes
Improving security in Oracle APEX application by Anderson Ferreira In this session, it will be explained the concepts of URL Tampering, SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). It will be shown some attacks and how to protect against them. The session will be a story telling in which the attacker will gain more and more access to an APEX application.

The session is divided in:
1) Introduction
2) URL Tampering
3) SQL Injection
4) Cross-site scripting
5) Conclusion
10/11/202112:00pm AEDT50 minutes

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.


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Thank you to all the following speakers, from within Australia and around the globe, who have kindly submitted their papers for Virtual Connect 2020.

Oracle ace alumni

Oracle ACE Alumni

AUSOUG reserves the right to change speakers, events and/or session times, dates, prices and other details as deemed necessary.

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