Sucheta Devaraj


Sucheta Devaraj

Oracle ERP Cloud Specialist

Oracle Consulting, Oracle Australia


Sucheta Devaraj is an Oracle ERP Cloud Specialist, with more than a decade of experience in transitioning customers to Oracle Fusion Applications. She is a seasoned consultant with extensive international experience of implementations with customers in the United Kingdom, Australia & LAD region. She has worked on large finance transformation engagements in the retail, manufacturing and public sector companies. She holds a master’s degree in finance and is an ardent traveler.


APEX Interactive Grids: Standardize for Productivity and Sanity

Stream: Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security , Tools

Interactive Grids have a myriad of customization options, some declarative, and most via JavaScript APIs. How does a developer, or an organization stay sane, organized and consistent with so many options? Standardize! Delivering clean, uniform, customized interactive grids within a single application, or across many developers and many applications is easier than you think.
This session demonstrates several options to standardize grid features within and across applications: plugins, common configuration files and CSS classes. These methods allow developers to reuse components and code as opposed to making declarative and/or code-based setting for every grid. The result is consistent, clean interactive grids, increased productivity and improved sanity. Better yet, not every developer needs to be a JavaScript expert to implement customized grid features.
The session promotes the value of having standards, and the concept of code once, then include and use everywhere. Attendees learn how to standardize grid configurations – which increases productivity and saves on sanity

APEX: Validate your Validations: Both Sides Now

Stream: Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security , Tools

This session covers APEX validations: server-side and client-side, on forms and, with greater focus, on interactive grids because of the relatively complexity and newness to many APEX developers. We will discuss recommended validation strategy, client side and server side, on forms and on interactive grids. We will demonstrate declarative, HTML5 and JavaScript options, and tips for both single and multi-row validations in grids. We will point out the need to balance perfect data with a user-friendly user interface, and how client-side validations help. We will point out some holes in out-of-the-box interactive grid validations – how they may not actually fire as expected, and how one can code to address the shortfalls. Attendees will learn how to code validations to match business data requirements in the latest APEX versions.