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Fernando Simon

Senior Database Architect



Senior Database Architect with a large experience with Oracle Database, mainly with Oracle Engineering Systems with a focus in mission-critical and high availability environments. Practical knowledge with Exadata and ZDLRA, and MAA. Including architecture activities like analyses and capacity plans, but also fieldwork like upgrade, patch deploys, and patch apply. Oracle ACE, Co-Founder and board member for Luxembourg Oracle User Group (LUXOUG). Speaker at several conferences, like OOW, AOUG, UKOUG, and GUOB. Blog: https://www.fernandosimon.com/blog/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FSimonDBA Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernando-simon/


ZDLRA, What you need to know to understand it.

Event: 2021 Webinar Series, Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-Cloud
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) is an Oracle Engineered System and part of MAA family that was built to protect your databases for several kinds of outages and provide reliable recovery options. But what is ZDLRA? And how the features work to allows you to reach the zero data loss? This session addresses what it is and how ZDLRA works, helping you hat will help you to understand it covering features like: Incremental Forever strategy and the Virtual Full Backup, Real-Time Redo, Multi ZDLRA Replication, ZDLRA Catalog management, MAA Integration, and some internal details about architecture. But besides the tech part, this presentation shows how you can use all these features to protect your databases.