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Dimitri Gielis is a director of APEX R&D, a company specializing in Oracle Application Express and founder of APEX Office Print (AOP). Dimitri is a frequent presenter at all the major Oracle conferences, an Oracle ACE Director, and received several awards among Oracle APEX Developer of the Year.


Getting Insight into your Oracle APEX Apps

Event: Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-Development
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

So, you create an awesome APEX application and send it out into the world… do you ever wonder how it’s being used? If people use it as you intended or if people are experiencing issues you never hear about? When users have issues, do you have enough information about their problem to solve it? I have experienced all of these issues and in this presentation, I will guide you through the solutions. Using a tool called APEX Project Eye, we can easily gain insight into all of our applications… during development and after!