Arvind Bhope

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Arvind Bhope

Principal Solution Engineer



Arvind Bhope is a result-oriented transformational leader with deep technical knowledge and proven business acumen. He is a Principal Solution Engineer at Oracle Corporation and has been contributing and recognized in various roles in pre-sales for North America Commercial, Enterprise, SMB, Oracle Digital, Public Sector Oracle customers. Arvind has a proven track record of Strategizing, leading and executing enterprise solutions using Oracle Stack of products both on-premise and Cloud. He has been part of Oracle's transformation into a cloud platform using Gen1-Oracle public Cloud to Gen2-Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Solution oriented individual with extensive experience leading technical teams. Working collaboratively with peer and remote groups building some of the most reliable, high performing, and cost effective business systems. Driving solutions through all phases of the IT life cycle. Arvind Deep dive technology skills span across Cloud, Database, Storage, Servers. Designing and deploying full backup, recovery, and high availability solutions for Customers including disaster recovery. In Current role he helps customer by solving their business challenges through POC's, Workshops, Demo's, Discovery sessions, Customer tech days for Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Oracle Database, Exadata, High Availability, Maximum availability architecture, Database Options, Oracle In-Memory, Oracle Enterprise manager, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Database Security. Arvind Practices Design thinking on his day to day activities.


Converged Database

Event: Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-Cloud
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Modern data driven applications are bringing in a lot more complexity with different data types like Relational,Document,Spatial,Graph, etc and workloads Transactions ,analytics, ML,IOT to name a few. This data and workload require different database algorithms to solve with unique development paradigms and the two possible data strategies are Single Purpose purpose built databases which are best of breed for individual data types and workload OR use a Converged database for all data types and workloads. Problems ? Once we have a single purpose individual db for Spatial,ML, Blockchain, JSON, Graph etc.. we are actually introducing a lot many variables to the ever changing components in existing infrastructure which inherently is increasing the complexity. Single purpose Database would eventually end up doing a lot of custom work, writing more code independently using individual Proprietary API's and transaction models. Propagating and transforming all these changes with fragmented data all over the place creates lot more complexity and there is definitely a need to integrate it with a lot of customization. This Integration is a job that never ends. The necessary features like security, availability,scalability are just very complex to achieve,as each of them has its own models to be built. Later, to propagate any of the smallest change and integrate its a huge activity. Availability,scalability,consistency,End to End security etc are very limited in their areas by weakest of their databases that are implemented. Combining all of them gives worst of weakness. These systems are JUST NO economies of scale. Solution: What if we say all the above challenges are addressed in Converged database. Oracle Converged Database is a data innovation platform ,an ecosystem which increases the strategic business value of data. Oracle has been doing decades of innovation meeting the needs of mission critical complex systems by doing automation and this journey is continuing with emerging needs and solving the real world challenges like real time analytics, scale out architecture, zero down time, defend on cyber attacks. This automation expands to Infrastructure, Database,Automated Data center operations and machine learning. Like, originally we had Calendar, messaging, clock, camera as individual products and now are part of one Mobile device. Similarly, Key-value,ML,JSON,Transactional, Sharding earlier individual products but now are features of Converged DB. Converged Database architecture approach creates the Data synergy and simplicity. Synergy across features makes the whole better than sum of individual parts. Oracle Converged Database Supports all Workloads likeTraditional,warehouse,analytic,Next Generation and Datatypes like Structured & UnStructured. Converged DB makes it much simpler to develop apps. Just call the SQL to run for ML Graph Spatial JSON Blockchain, In-memory, etc.. Oracle converged DB on On-premise or on Oracle Cloud Delivers Union of Best Capabilities for each of data type and Workload.