The Oracle Database Controlfile – A valuable source of information! (Connect 2019)

From day 1 everyone states the controlfile is important – and should be protected. Make sure you have more than one copy, why not three… So what is this controlfile? Did you know that it hosts a lot of valuable information about the database and plays an important role in backup and recovery? Whether you are running in the could, on-premise or a hybrid solution. In this session we will take a closer look at the Oracle Database Controlfile, with more focus on it from a backup and recovery point of view. This will include gaining a better understanding of the dreaded “File 1 needs more recovery to be consistent” or “ File 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup” – what does these mean and what the next possible steps are

Oracle Linux and Docker Getting Started! (Connect 2019)

Some might think Docker is for developers only, but this is not really the case. Docker is here to stay and there will be more and more of it in the future. In this session learn what Docker is and how it works. This session will be covering core areas such as volumes, but also stepping it up to a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Docker environment. The session will dive into a few examples of how to create a database environment within just a few minutes – perfect for testing, development, and possibly even production systems.

Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) – what you need to know (Connect 2019)

Most did not expect a new version after 11.2, but then the surprise – Oracle 18c XE was released end 2018 – for FREE. In this session we will dive into what is Oracle Database Express Edition, including diving into the excellent features it brings to the table. Areas that will be covered include installation, usage, new features and how you can quickly get started with Oracle XE 18c and Docker. But as with most things, make sure you are aware of the limitations – but are they really limitations….

Modern apps by mastering Universal theme (Connect 2019)

With all enhancements that latest version of APEX brought we will demonstrate how to easily build responsive/modern apps suitable for all screen sizes without having to be CSS experts.

Additionally we will explore some of the underutilized secrets of Universal Theme and learn about its gem CSS classes that can simplify your design asks.

At the end we will cruise through latest APEX components and their best use cases that can make your apps shine again.
Join me for this 45 minutes session where we will demonstrate power of UT. Aimed at audience of all levels.

New to APEX? Perfect match (Connect 2019)

Okay you are new to using APEX as development tool this is great. Big and warm welcome to the best community in Oracle world.

What this sessions is about is giving an insight of how you can start, where to find information or fine tune your skills.

If you want to fast track your DEV skills by learning about APEX basics this is a perfect session for you.
We will go light but still reveal plenty of goodies you can start applying when you get back to the office.

After this session you should have a full confidence that apps you will build will look great and above all will be easier to maintain, isn’t this all we want?

18 Methods to Migrate Your Database to Oracle Cloud DBSystem (Connect 2019)

Oracle Cloud is creating its mark in the cloud market in big way and as a leader on Database Technology; Oracle has build OCI Gen2 Cloud for best performce. It is inevitable for DBAs to understand the tips and tricks of migrating workload to Oracle Cloud. In this technical presentation, lets walk through best 18 methods of migrating databases to Oracle Cloud DBSystem and Autonomous Database. How these methods are used for real customer migration, how the downtime for migration is reduced, what are the best practices and standards used for these migration. All questions related to Oracle Cloud migration would be answered in this session.
From our multiple experiences of Oracle Cloud Migrations, learning on downtime reduction, choosing appropriate method and validations would be shared.

Methods to Migrate Your Workload to Oracle Autonomous Database (Connect 2019)

Businesses today are in the midst of an electrifying revolution, in which the paradigm has switched from your ON-Premise to Cloud, and not just any cloud platform but Oracle’s “Oracle Clod Infrastructure Gen 2”. With massive market presence, best of performance and world’s truly first Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud has become the most prominent leader of the database technology.
This technical session aims at enabling your transformation from on-premise to cloud using migration. We will walk you through the best methods of migrating your databases to Oracle Autonomous Database. You will gain expertise on real customer migrations, learn to minimize the migration downtime and discover all standards and best practices associated with it.
We are open to any discussions or problems related to Oracle Cloud migrations. So do attend this session to master the methods of migrating your workload to Oracle Autonomous Database and get all your questions answered.

Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle Database – Key Points to Know in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Connect 2019)

In today’s generation data is the fuel to all of our day to day activities. Leveraging such huge oceans of data without compromising on its security status has grown to be today’s vital concerns.
DBA’s use the 3A Mantra: Authentication, Authorization and Auditing mechanism to secure data in their databases.
In this module we would like to present Oracle’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).
This session will teach us to ensures encryption of sensitive data and while keeping compliance, functionality and performance intact.
TDE is very economical with zero downtime on production systems. And this entire management of encryption and decryption is done single handedly by the database.

APEX Interactive Grid Essentials and Best Practices (Connect 2019)

New to APEX interactive grids? Looking to step a bit beyond the basics? Attend and learn how to maximize the use of interactive grid features for static, dynamic and editable interfaces. Grids are waaay more than a replacement for tabular forms – learn how to leverage the full suite of grid features, including icon, detail, grid and chart views, edit mode validations and processes, and practical customizations. Emphasis is on supported features, making full use of declarative settings, recommended best practices and supported JavaScript APIs.

APEX Interactive Grid: API Essentials – The Stuff You’ll Really Use (Connect 2019)

Learn the essentials of the APEX JavaScript API’s for interactive grids. Do you need to add complex validations, dynamic actions and/or implement interactive grid customizations? The grid and interactiveGrid APIs are your friends. This session covers the essential elements of the documented APEX JavaScript APIs that most interactive grid developers need to know, make that *should* know to build effective, customized interactive grids.
We will detail and demonstrate the most commonly used parts of the JS APIs that pertain to interactive grids, with simple examples so attendees can absorb the basics and understand how to adapt to their own requirements. Topics include the grid widget in general, how to access and process data in the model, and how to tie these concepts into dynamic actions, validations and custom processes. The session will emphasize basics and best practices, using the APIs where needed to achieve business requirements. PL/SQL developers looking to become more comfortable with JavaScript grid customizations will feel right at home. Gain the knowledge you need to adapt interactive grids to meet end user specifications.