Tired of apps. Living in Digital Assistants (Connect 2019)

The growth of the Digital Assistants had to do with the fatigue of apps that we have in our day to day. We needed an option to make application interaction and information search more attractive.
This session will help analyze the impact of the advance towards Artificial Intelligence to develop chatbots solutions.
E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud SaaS customers are embracing Chatbots for Payables, Receivables and even at the System administrator level.
We will learn how you can agilely build chatbots for your existing or new applications almost without limits by means of Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Service.

The cost of not automating account payables – what are you missing? (Connect 2019)

Today you have invested a lot in your enterprise software, whether it is on-premise or Cloud. Want to get more out of your it? Accounts Payables automation is the best place to start streamlining business processes, substantially reduce costs, eliminating invoice processing errors and exceptions—and immediately generate cash returns.
This session will cover AP Automation as how today’s key solutions, technologies, and best practices have been found best meet the needs of our customers and deliver superior results.
You’ll learn winning strategies and the path for real and rapid results.

Learn how to unlock your EBS data for free running in days! (Connect 2019)

Since 2018 Oracle has been investing constantly in this new product called “Enterprise Command Centers for E-Business Suite”.
These ECC are “unlocking the value of enterprise data” without any licensing costs. It is a product that is “free” for E-Business Suite customers running release 12.2.4 and above and is so simple to install that you can get it to work in “days”.
The vision of ECC is to add visibility and optimize the work of E-Business Suite users by enhancing the way they work and accelerating their day-to-day activities. It is a starting dashboard with the right information to act and go straight to the documents or transactions. The rich graph and easy use of refinements -filters, and a powerful search.

Mission Possible: Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and PPM on 3 continents in 6 months (Connect 2019)

Take Your Own Medicine: Go Behind Backstage as an Oracle Service Provider implements Oracle Cloud SaaS ERP, HCM, and PPM Internally.
Ever wonder what it would be like to see an Oracle service provider take its own medicine? This presentation shows you just that, taking you behind the scenes to an Implementation of Oracle Cloud SaaS. Attendees will get an inside look at an implementation that spanned three continents, included ERP, HCM, PPM, and 15 modules, required PaaS4SaaS as some tailoring was needed as well as integrations with other cloud applications, and was completed in six months.
This implementation also includes a case study of one of the few implementations in Argentina and Brazil.

Making sense of todays Database technologies (Connect 2019)

It used to be that one type of database – the RDBMS – was used for virtually all application workloads. Today, the RDBMS competes with other types of database technologies: Big Data systems such as Hadoop and Spark, NoSQL systems such as MongoDB and graph databases like Neo4J and cloud-native offerings such as DynamoDB and CosmosDB.

How do you choose the best database for your application? In this presentation, we’ll compare the current state of database technologies and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each. We’ll also look at the emerging technologies that stand to create more change in the database arena, most notably the use of Blockchains for data storage.

Oracle 18 & 19c New Features (Connect 2019)

This session helps Database Administrators to learn about 50+ new features or enhancements in Oracle 18c and 19c. We cover snippets of demo for each feature in Oracle Database, ASM, Clusterware, Sharding, Performance features etc. During session I shall be discussing the use cases of this features and where and how this feature will help DBA’s going forward

Vagrant+Ansible+Terraform for DBA’s (Connect 2019)

The tools that modern DBA need and move towards DevOps realm. This session can bring you the foundation step towards that and helps you to understand how quickly seamlessly you can provision and manage the databases using Vagrant, Ansible & Terraform for Cloud provision. Further we will perform some demo with regard this and provision various types of databases using vagrant and Ansible. We will also touch base terraform to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and AWS and how you can leverage Infrastructure as code for databases services as well.

Oracle SODA : Simple Oracle Document Access (Connect 2019)

Simple Oracle Document Access will let you create and store collections of documents in Oracle Database, retrieve them, and query them, without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL) or how the data in the documents is stored in the database and fully acid compliant. In the presentation and demo you will be learning about SODA and various tools to use SODA from oracle database.

ETL with Kafka & Oracle (Connect 2019)

How to build a scalable ETL pipelines for today’s modernized data using RDBMS (Oracle/MySQL) as source and replicate data using Kafka Connect or Oracle Goldengate big data connector. Companies use Kafka for many applications (real time stream processing, data synchronization, messaging, and more), but one of the most popular applications is ETL pipelines. Kafka is a perfect tool for building data pipelines: it’s reliable, scalable, and efficient mechanism for such pipelines.

10 Things You Might Not Know But Really Should About Oracle Indexes (Connect 2019)

An appropraite indexing strategy is crucial in ensuring that both databases and their associated applications perform as efficiently as possible. This presentation will look at 10 Oracle indexing related features and capabilities that might not be very widely know, but can be extremely important for both DBAs and Developers to understand and appreciated when designing and tuning efficient and highly scalable Oracle database-based applications. Topics include the use to TABLE_CACHED_BLOCKS when collecting index related statistics, the use of Partital Indexes, the importance of the table Clustering Attribute and the correct strategy when ordering columns within an index.