Assemble and Manage Rich Content with Oracle’s Digital Asset Management Features

A big challenge for marketers today is managing digital assets for multiple channels on customer-facing platforms. They need to collaborate to create assets, tag them with the right metadata, approve them for different channels, search and reuse the right asset for the right use, and then publish them to multiple channels. Oracle’s digital asset management solution takes an intuitive approach for solving these challenges by aggregating content from multiple sources, simplifying the addition of metadata to assets, providing an intuitive interface and search, and combining these features with multichannel distribution. Join this session to learn how Oracle Content and Experience Cloud can solve the challenges that marketers are facing around asset management today.

Build Headless Composite Experiences: Oracle WebCenter/Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

As you leverage Oracle’s cloud platform to run your enterprise digital presence, your existing content management systems – investments are the key to a graceful migration and ultimately, your success. How do you make the transition seamless, as your organizations work toward converging the platforms and optimize operations? In this session learn how you can capitalize on extensive out-of-the-box REST APIs provided by Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to build engaging multichannel digital experiences. From microsites to high-scale enterprise sites, reuse content from both the systems interchangeably. Content silos needn’t exist.

Top Oracle features for AWS Cloud

Join long time Oracle DBA Denys Dobrelya to listen about real world user experience and practices of deploying Oracle 18c on AWS. Use Cases may be presented by one of AWS Customers or Partners, supported by demo of relevant AWS technologies for Oracle database. Denys’s presentation is aimed to improving Oracle DBA productivity in the Cloud and awareness of technological challenges. Note: This material follows and logically extends previously presented “Oracle on AWS” OUG session.

Oracle Sharding

This session covers overview and demo snippets of Oracle Sharding. In the release Oracle 12.2, the Oracle Sharding feature provides the capability of shared-nothing architecture with Leader node and shared nodes to distribute the data to nodes and scale up to 1000 shards and without compromising on high availability and relational database properties. I will be presenting this topic with detailed configuration and also provides a conceptual overview and benefits over NOSQL Database Sharding.

Oracle Cloud : Building a Datalake

Datalake is new generation Datawarehouse with structured and unstructured or semi structured data. We have to evaluate various ingestion methods from OnPrem and Cloud data sources and how Oracle Cloud Data Integration Platform or Autonomous Data integration platform helps in achieving to build a Datalakes.

Modern app with Universal Theme and APEX 18.1 – mobile and desktop

Modern app with Universal Theme and APEX 18.1 With all enhancements that latest version of APEX brings we will demonstrate how to easily build responsive apps suitable for mobile and small screens. Also we will explore some of the deeper secrets of Universal Theme CSS that can simplify your design ideas. How difficult can it be to create modern and responsive app using Oracle APEX 18.1 for desktop. In this demo session we will build an app following few basic principals to demonstrate power of APEX UT.

Turbocharge Analytical and OLTP workloads with Oracle Database In-Memory 18c

Oracle Database In-Memory feature transparently accelerates analytic queries by orders of magnitude enabling extreme performance of analytical queries and reports as well as real time business decisions. This session will provide a deep dive into the Oracle In-Memory database functionality covering all the features introduced in Oracle 12c Release 2 as well as Oracle 18c. A live demo will be performed using an Oracle Cloud hosted DbaaS In-Memory database instance

Find out how to bring your own OBIEE licenses and uncover a Cheaper, Better and Quicker world of Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Visualisation in the Oracle Analytics Cloud

Gone are the days that Oracle is seen as a laggard in the world of Analytics, with the latest release of the OACS Oracle has jumped to the top of the leader board and amazingly given you, their customers, an easy and cost effective way to get there. Come to this session to hear how to do analytics cheaper, better and quicker with the Oracle Cloud, this will be a practical guide to your journey to a new world, book your slot early to avoid disappointment!