Tips and Tricks: Linux Best Practices and Automation for DBAs

in virtualized infrastructures.  Leveraging real-life experiences and techniques, learn from the author of the Linux Recipes for DBAs book by APress on how-to:
1. Leverage PreInstall RPMs to prepare the Linux environment for Oracle database, OEM Agents, and EBusiness Suite environments
2. Setup and leverage a local Yum Repository
3. Setup Huge Pages / Disable Transparent Huge Pages
4. Setup Jumbo Frames
5. Setup Oracle ASM Filter Driver vs ASMLIB
6. Setup correct partition alignment
7. Automate Grid Infrastructure provisioning
8. Create ASM instance in silent mode
9. Automate Database provisioning
10. Automate installation of release updates and one-ff patches
11. Automate Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database software cloning
12. Create ASM disk group with XML files
13. Create Golden Image databases for future cloning
14. Setup rsync to synchronize file system from source and target servers
And much more.