Lessons Learned and Battle Wounds on Migrating Mission Critical Databases to Oracle Cloud

Cloud innovations from Oracle OpenWorld 2019 - Free Cloud - Oracle and VMware partnership on OCI - VMware licensing on OCI - 200 Regions - Viscosity’s involvement with ADB (our whitepaper and our video that launched at OOW) - Autonomous Linux - Free GoldenGate - etc. Some of the topics for discussion: One of our most challenging PCI/HIPPA compliant customer migrating to OCI from RackSpace - App Server in AWS while the database is in OCI - Zero downtime migration to Oracle Exa Cloud from RackSpace and also upgrading to 18c - Localized region high availability with Data Guard to another AD - Lessons learned with native backup to object storage - Backup solution to file system storage cloud - DR strategy to another region - How to work with Oracle’s outage windows; how to navigate to minimize the impact - Cloning challenges of 1.5TB PDBs - Oracle Cloud tooling challenges - KISS with network architecture - How we achieved end to end encryption: - 100% TDE for data at rest - 100% encryption with data at motion - Dealing with FastConnect - Working close to Equinix (need to understand what is equivalent in Australia)