DBA 3.0: The Next Evolution

Discussions will include how technical enhancements to autonomous databases, cloud innovations and what you must learn to survive, how AI and machine learning can impact the database scene and understanding which technologies you need to learn to adapt.
In this session, you will learn:
• what is important in the database industry
• how to generate your “OpEx Value” in an era where everything is about the bottom line
• how to understand how business knowledge plays in the DBA role
• how to innovate and win with Oracle Cloud, Azure and AWS
• the value of the heterogeneous DBA
• the critical role of the data driven DBA
• the impact of autonomous in the DBA world
• what relevance DBAs have in the autonomous world and how we can adapt
• how does the pluggable DBAs have relevance?
• why is the Cloud database administration worth while for me to learn