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AUSOUG Virtual Connect 2020

Development/APEX Day Series

10th November 2020

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Building Successful Applications on the Autonomous Database by Connor McDonald Well done!
You’ve come up with the killer idea for 2021.

You’ve got the best UI design anyone has ever seen! Your modern application ticks all the boxes — serverless, functional, Kubernetes, microservices, API-based, the list goes on.

It runs on every OS and every type of device. But unfortunately, all of this counts for absolutely NOTHING if your data access is slow or buggy.

But an Autonomous database will fix all that right?

Only if you understand the fundamentals of how SQL is processed by the database.

For novice developers, SQL can be hard to understand and sometimes totally hidden from view under an ORM.

Let’s peel back the covers to show how SQL is processed, how to avoid getting hacked, and how to get data back to your application in a snappy fashion.

10/11/202010:00am AEDT50 minutes
Improving performance of your APEX application Abstract by Anderson Ferreira This session will walk through some performance problems extracted from real world APEX applications.

It will be a practice presentation that will show slow pages and the techniques that solve the issue.

It will be presented some basic concepts and some ways to improve the performance of a lot of APEX components like pages, authorizations, reports and forms.
10/11/202011:00am AEDT50 minutes
Voyage to Visual Builder Studio by Karen Cannell Hear lessons learned on a voyage to Visual Builder Studio, Oracle’s updated visual application development environment.

Visual Builder Studio allows one to build web and mobile applications, extend Oracle cloud applications, and manage the full development life cycle as part of the development process.

Sounds great – but how does it really work? What is the difference between Visual Builder Studio and Visual Builder?

When do I use one vs. the other? How hard is it to get started?

How hard is it build a real production application?

How hard is it to extend my cloud applications?

Do I have to be a JavaScript expert?

What investment – time, money, learning - is required to be productive?

Was this voyage worth the effort?

Can Visual Builder Studio make a difference for one's Oracle cloud investment?

Attend and learn about a long-time Oracle APEX developer’s continued adventure into Visual Builder development, now through Visual Builder
10/11/202012:00pm AEDT50 minutes
MySQL Database Service (MDS) overview and migration from on-prem by Ronen Baram During this session you will get a sneak peak into the brand new MySQL Database Service (MDS), which is MySQL fully-managed service.

You will also get to see, in live demo, how easy it is to migrate your data from on-prem, or even another cloud services (such as RDS, Aurora and such) to MDS using the new dumpSchema utility.
10/11/20201:30pm AEDT50 minutes
A Gentle Introduction to Polymorphic Table Functions by Patrick Barel Oracle database 18c introduces Polymorphic Table Functions.

This session will tell you about Polymorphism.

How can you apply this in pre-18c databases?

I will show you what problem and the solution when your data or structure changes.

I will also show you an example of a Polymorphic Table Function and how this can help protect you from changing table structures and how you can apply the same code to different table structures without changing or even recompiling the code.

After this session you will understand when to use which technique.
10/11/20202:30pm AEDT50 minutes
But that worked yesterday! Testing with utPLSQL by Samuel Nitsche It is a period of war and you, a developer of the imperial army, took over responsibility for a database application.

Things are getting bad when a mighty Sith-Lord requests a last-minute change…

- Practical advice based on a sample-project in a Star Wars setting how to introduce self-testing with the free open source framework utPLSQL v3:
- Why your code and project benefits from automated tests
- Demonstration of techniques and strategies to get your existing (legacy-)projects tested
- Examples for meaning- and useful tests and mistakes you should watch out for
- Thoughts on the testing "mindset"
- Presentation of features utPLSQL provides to help you develop reliable automated self-tests
10/11/20203:30pm AEDT50 minutes
APEX and automated testing - CYPRESS by Lino Schildenfeld "The web has evolved. Finally, testing has too. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser."

We build apps but we all struggle with testing.

How hard can it be to get automated UI testing going?

Join me for this session where we will get insight how difficult it is to incorporate openSource tool like into your everyday development life cycles.

Aimed at audience of all levels
10/11/20204:30pm AEDT50 minutes
When to use Plug-ins in APEX (and when not to) By Peter Raganitsch The first thing that comes mind when talking about plug-ins in APEX is cool new features.

Things that can't be done in APEX without “that" particular plug-in.

But there are more good reasons to use plug-ins like re-usability, centralization, enabling less skilled developers to re-use a solution, and so on.

This short session is all about the different aspects you should think about when developing APEX applications, because there are more use cases for plug-ins than you might think.

Not to mention several things you should also be wary of.

We will then finish with some best practices on usage of plug-ins in bigger teams.
10/11/20205:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Boost your Application Capabilities with Supported Open Source Plug-ins by Matt Nolan Did you know you can develop event faster in APEX?

There are a set of free professional plug-ins that plug the functionality gaps in your APEX application.

Things like:
- Refreshing Static Content
- Refreshing PLSQL Content
- Downloading Files with Zip Support
- Resizable Responsive Regions using Splitters
- Executing PL/SQL and performing client-side actions
- Showing Notifications and Messages
- Timing your Actions using Debounce, Throttle, Delays, and Repetitions
- Put conditions between your actions for IF/THEN/ELSE capability
- Easily Process Interactive Grid Selections and add buttons

In this session we will show you just how easy these plug-ins are to use, and the benefits they provide to increase your solution capabilities.
10/11/20206:30pm AEDT50 minutes

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.


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Thank you to all the following speakers, from within Australia and around the globe, who have kindly submitted their papers for Virtual Connect 2020.

Oracle ace alumni

Oracle ACE Alumni

AUSOUG reserves the right to change speakers, events and/or session times, dates, prices and other details as deemed necessary.

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