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AUSOUG Virtual Connect 2020

Database/Cloud Day

12th November 2020

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Database 12c to 20c, Journey of key feature sets by Anuj Mohan This presentation will look at 12c to 20c new features that should be investigated for use which include Multitenant, IN-Memory and Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing and many more.

I will discuss the 12c to 20c Journey for these new features with examples and sample code.

Attendees can expect brief introduction of all the new features with deep dive into Multitenant, INMemory and Automatic Indexing
12/11/202010:00am AEDT50 minutes
Creating Order in the Database Patching Chaos by Liron Amitzi Have you ever found yourself staring at a list of patches and wondering what to do? What patch should I install?

What are the risks?

Is there anything I should do after the patch?

This becomes even more stressful in a complex environment: How to install patches on RAC?

What about standby databases?

This session will try to put things in order and help create a roadmap for patching databases.

We will discuss the different types of patches (RU, RUR, DBBP, PSU, OJVM, One-off), installation will discuss the different types of patches (RU, RUR, DBBP, PSU, OJVM, One-off), installation types (RAC rolling patches, standby first patches), known issues and where to find them, and how to plan the patch installation in order to have as few surprises as possible.
12/11/202011:00am AEDT50 minutes
Achieving Extreme Scalability &Total Fault Isolation with Oracle Sharding by Kai Yu Oracle Sharding was further improved in 18c/19c for linear scalability and complete fault isolation of OLTP workloads.

With Oracle sharding Data are partitioned horizontally partitioned across discrete Oracle Databases (shards) in shared-nothing architecture that collectively form a single logical database.

Come to this session to learn its latest improvements in Oracle 19c and 20c, sharding on database cloud(DBCS) and leveraging sharding for your business.

We will share the experience and tips of configuring sharded database architecture with HA replication for massive scalability and complete fault isolation.

We will also discuss some of considerations of choosing sharding method in a global geographic distribution application and the experience of using Sharing Advisor.

We will also discuss some new sharding features that are coming in Oracle 20c such as Federated Sharding and sharding with database in Persistent memory.
12/11/202012:00pm AEDT50 minutes
DBA 3.0: The Next Evolution by Charles Kim Discussions will include how technical enhancements to autonomous databases, cloud innovations and what you must learn to survive, how AI and machine learning can impact the database scene and understanding which technologies you need to learn to adapt.

In this session, you will learn:
• what is important in the database industry
• how to generate your “OpEx Value” in an era where everything is about the bottom line
• how to understand how business knowledge plays in the DBA role
• how to innovate and win with Oracle Cloud, Azure and AWS
• the value of the heterogeneous DBA
• the critical role of the data driven DBA
• the impact of autonomous in the DBA world
• what relevance DBAs have in the autonomous world and how we can adapt
• how does the pluggable DBAs have relevance?
• why is the Cloud database administration worth while for me to learn
12/11/20201:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Optimizer Statistics: The Key To Efficient, Scalable Databases and Applications by Richard Foote One of the more common reasons why SQL statements run inefficiently is due to poor execution plans as a result of optimizer segment statistics that are either missing, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or potentially too accurate for its own good.

In this presentation we examine a number scenarios where SQL execution plans are inefficient due to deficiencies in the underlining segment statistics, how they can be addressed with appropriate statistics gathering processes and how more recent statistics gathering features and capabilities such as adaptive statistics, real-time statistics and high frequency statistics gathering can assist in enabling a more stable and performant database environment.
12/11/20202:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Turbocharge Performance with Oracle 19c In-Memory Database by Gavin Soorma This session will be entirely a live hands-on demo and will enable attendees to experience under the hood all the exciting new In-Memory features introduced in Oracle database 19c as well as cover all the main features since the product was introduced in Oracle 12c.
12/11/20203:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Hybrid Cloud with Oracle Linux KVM by Simon Coter Backed by affordable enterprise support for hybrid environments, Oracle Virtualization reduces operation and support costs while increasing IT efficiency and agility—on premises and in the cloud.

Oracle Linux KVM is the same hypervisor used in Oracle Cloud and today can be also leveraged to run on-premises workload.

The introduction of Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, built for OSS oVirt, allows to run same hypevisor, on-premises and on-cloud, managed by one unique web management interface; unique advantages of the solution are:
Open source optimized by Oracle hypervisor, Simplified management with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, Designed for hybrid cloud, Easy to move VMs to cloud, Security updates without rebooting and Hard partitioning for Oracle Software.

Oracle Linux Templates as well as Oracle Database templates, built for Oracle Linux KVM, allows to automate and speed-up the deployment of your services; automation, built on cloud-init, allows to automate any configuration option as well as add custom command execution on the first boot of your Virtual Machines.

Many more options and tools dedicated to migration (from legacy hypervisor to KVM), backup and best practices will be shared during the session.
12/11/20204:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Comparing Postgres to Oracle by Jan Karremans There is a lot of disruption going on at present time.

These changes range from "the adoption to big data", through “migration to the cloud” and focus shifts within businesses.

Creating opportunities to explore and adopt all these changes are important.

Renewal of legacy systems and opportunities to build new applications, are important but can be very expensive.

Using a smart alternative data platform can help you out.

In this session you will see the possibilities of PostgreSQL in the EnterpriseDB Postgres Server edition.

You will be able to asses if this platform is the right alternative for you to disrupt your operation and open doors to new success.
12/11/20205:30pm AEDT50 minutes
Oracle on Azure: An Overview by Osama Mustafa In this interactive session see why Azure is a great cloud to run Oracle Databases and applications.

You can confidently use Oracle Database supported by Oracle and certified by Oracle to run on Azure.

Rely on field-tested reference architectures that can accelerate your deployment times while reducing risks. Build and deploy cloud native enterprise-class Java applications on Oracle WebLogic Server in Azure and on Oracle Linux.

The session also explores in detail some of the lessons learned regarding Microsoft Azure and Oracle’s cloud interoperability based on early customer deployments and use cases
12/11/20206:30pm AEDT50 minutes

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.



Thank you to all the following speakers, from within Australia and around the globe, who have kindly submitted their papers for Virtual Connect 2020.

Director & Principal Consultant

Richard Foote Consulting

Distinguished Engineer

Dell Technologies, Inc

Senior Manager, Product Management - Linux and Virtualization


Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Expert

Omnix International

Oracle ace alumni

Oracle ACE Alumni

AUSOUG reserves the right to change speakers, events and/or session times, dates, prices and other details as deemed necessary.

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