National Webinar Series 2021

The Australian Oracle User Group, AUSOUG, have a focus on bringing together our Oracle community and servicing their core technical, development and applications needs. A balanced program is aimed at all levels of skill and experience within a forum of User led independent knowledge sharing.

AUSOUG will be hosting a series of webinars to be held every Wednesday commencing on 10th February 2021 whereby each week will focus on a particular area.

We invite Oracle professionals to submit abstracts for the Webinar Series.


  • Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology
  • Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Tools
  • Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications)
  • Emerging Technologies

Area of Interest

  • How API Management and cloud-based integration deliver smarter, scalable, easy-to-provision business apps & data.
  • Microservices & APIs Deliver App Agility, Speed – Microservices, APIs and containers are powering innovative apps for web, mobile, cloud-native and IoT.
  • Security for the New-Gen Digital Enterprise – APIs, Cloud, Hybrid Apps & IoT are stressing traditional security. Update your security at every step with more automation, control, and visibility.
  • Analytics, Smarter Data Pipelines from Integration – ROI on analytics, big data, data lake and streaming data architectures
  • Data Virtualization Get Data Where It’s Needed Easily provide real-time, unified and trusted views of business data – without complexity or even moving data.
  • Low Code Integration for App, Data New-gen integration is going low-code (event no code). Promote faster apps, richer data — not only for developers but even business users.
  • Next Gen Cloud Applications -Cloud framework which embeds emerging technology such as AI, Blockchain and IoT at its core.
  • Different options when migrating your applications to the Cloud ,Understanding cloud discounting options – Comparing instance pricing , On-demand cloud instance pricing ,Discounted cloud instance pricing etc .

We are constantly seeking presenters for the Webinar Series.
If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please submit your paper/abstract via this link.

National Webinar Series 2021 Partners


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The new norm: Optimizing Oracle workloads to do more with less by Chris Bannayan Evolving business pressures and economic uncertainties are creating new challenges for IT departments to do more with less. To support businesses in this new norm a simple, resilient and agile infrastructure is needed now more than ever.

You’re invited to join Pure Storage’s webinar on database and data centre consolidation where Chris Bannayan, Database Solutions Architect, Asia Japan & Pacific at Pure Storage, will unveil how you can get the most out of your Oracle database workloads and support evolving business demands of this new norm.

During the session we’ll cover:

· Cost reduction strategies: Identifying cost savings through removing unnecessary software licenses, data reduction capabilities and data centre consolidation.

· Streamlining systems: Consolidating your Oracle database workloads effectively to simplify management and free up time for strategic initiatives to support globalization.

· Agile performance optimization: Removing roadblocks such as downtime and lengthy clone cycles to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system, without compromise.
10/2/202111:00am AEDT1 hour
Add interactive Google Maps to your APEX application by Jeffrey Kemp The Google ReportMap plugin for APEX allows you to quickly and easily add data visualisations on top of the customer-focussed map features provided by the Google Maps Javascript API.

Many interactive capabilities can be added using nothing but declarative features (no code), and highly customised behaviour can be implemented with small amounts of Javascript if needed. 

This session will demonstrate how to install and configure the Google Maps plugin, and how to implement a range of interactive features that use it.
17/2/202112:00pm AEDT1 hour
How to work smarter with Payables by Nigel Grange Processing invoices can feel like a formidable task, the share amount of data that must be collected, verified, and processed is massive. What if there was a better way to streamline invoice processing?

See how to get the most out of the industry-leading More4apps AP Invoice wizard and transform your workday in this 35-minute session.

Filled with practical hints, tips, and tricks from product expert Carlos Urtubia, attendees will develop an understanding of best practice methods designed to ensure they get the best out of this popular software solution.

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to see how AP Wizard has transformed business practices for leading from customers and take away key learnings from their success.

What you will learn:
- Demonstration of practical real world scenarios
- How to save time when matching invoices
- Tips and tricks so your organization and team get the most out of their Oracle EBS Investment
17/2/20212:30pm AEDT1 hour
Evolving your storage strategy for the digital transformed modern world by Chris Bannayan The pandemic has brought about a new norm and has hastened the speed of digital transformation. To keep up, businesses are now exploiting digital technologies in all functional areas, placing immense pressure on the storage solutions that underpin them.

As the binding agent for embracing this new digital economy, data continues to be more valuable than ever, supporting smooth business operations through their database workloads.

To continue to navigate this new norm, businesses need to ensure storage strategies are optimized to enable high performing database workloads that embrace the new digitally transformed world.

Join Pure Storage’s webinar hosted by Chris Bannayan, Database Solutions Architect, Asia Japan & Pacifc at Pure Storage, to discover how to turn your data into the most powerful resource with a storage strategy that will optimize database workloads for the modern world of digital transformation.

During the session we’ll cover:
· Protecting your biggest asset— data:
How to ensure database workloads are kept confidential and guarded against cybersecurity threats such as ransomware attacks.

· Accelerate insight for agile business:
How to boost the performance of your analytics and predictive capabilities to improve your business decisions, and direction.

· Embracing globalisation and maximising uptime:
How to maintain continuous uptime to serve new business demands, while keeping costs to a minimum.

· Evolving for hybrid and multi-cloud interoperability:
How to align your database workload requirements to the cloud vision to offer interoperability and seamless integration between on-premise and multi-cloud.
24/2/202111:00am AEDT1 hour

This year we’ve been able to secure some of the worlds best speakers to present The Webinar Series 2021. To find out more about each speaker, read the their bio and see what papers they will be presenting, simply click on the desired speaker.