National Webinar Series 2021

The Australian Oracle User Group, AUSOUG, have a focus on bringing together our Oracle community and servicing their core technical, development and applications needs. A balanced program is aimed at all levels of skill and experience within a forum of User led independent knowledge sharing.

AUSOUG will be hosting a series of webinars to be held every Wednesday commencing on 10th February 2021 whereby each week will focus on a particular area.

We invite Oracle professionals to submit abstracts for the Webinar Series.


  • Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology
  • Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Tools
  • Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications)
  • Emerging Technologies

Area of Interest

  • How API Management and cloud-based integration deliver smarter, scalable, easy-to-provision business apps & data.
  • Microservices & APIs Deliver App Agility, Speed – Microservices, APIs and containers are powering innovative apps for web, mobile, cloud-native and IoT.
  • Security for the New-Gen Digital Enterprise – APIs, Cloud, Hybrid Apps & IoT are stressing traditional security. Update your security at every step with more automation, control, and visibility.
  • Analytics, Smarter Data Pipelines from Integration – ROI on analytics, big data, data lake and streaming data architectures
  • Data Virtualization Get Data Where It’s Needed Easily provide real-time, unified and trusted views of business data – without complexity or even moving data.
  • Low Code Integration for App, Data New-gen integration is going low-code (event no code). Promote faster apps, richer data — not only for developers but even business users.
  • Next Gen Cloud Applications -Cloud framework which embeds emerging technology such as AI, Blockchain and IoT at its core.
  • Different options when migrating your applications to the Cloud ,Understanding cloud discounting options – Comparing instance pricing , On-demand cloud instance pricing ,Discounted cloud instance pricing etc .

We are constantly seeking presenters for the Webinar Series.
If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please submit your paper/abstract via this link.

National Webinar Series 2021 Partners


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Containerization 101 by Osama Mustafa Containerization is the process of packaging software code, its required dependencies, configurations, and other detail to be easily deployed in the same or another computing environment.

In simpler terms, containerization is the encapsulation of an application and its required environment, Learn about the docker , and what is Containerization such as Docker swarm and kubernetes.
16/6/20217:00pm AEST1 hour
How Does Oracle Cloud Costing Stack Up Against Oracle EBS Costing? by Doug Volz Oracle keeps on "banging on" about the Cloud Applications. Are you curious what it looks like or how it compares to Oracle EBS? This webinar session moves beyond the fluffy sales presentations and dives into the details, directly comparing Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Costing. Including many of the Cloud Costing setup steps, so you can see what is actually involved.
1) Find out if Cloud Costing is really different from EBS Costing
2) Compare Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Costing
3) Learn about the Cloud Costing setup steps
4) Get an overall impression for how Cloud Costing helps and doesn’t help you
23/6/202112:00pm AEST1 hour
Automate Database Provisioning for DevOps using Database-as-a-Service - Chetan Vithlani/Venkata Bandaru/Maniselvan Kannimuthuraj Often DBAs want to allow self-service access to certain database operations. By doing so, the DBAs can free-up their own time while enabling others to do their jobs faster. Self-service access (SSA) is enabled right from the Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Self-Service Portal allows users to create new service instances (Databases or Pluggable Databases) based on Service Template configured by SSA administrators.

Additionally, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database as a Service Snap Clone is a ‘self-service’ solution for enabling rapid creation of space efficient clones for large, multi-terabyte databases. Snap Clone can improve the efficiency and agility of administrators and QA engineers while reducing storage-related CAPEX. Database as a Service Snap Clone allows administrators to create fully functional copies of databases using the copy-on-write (CoW) capabilities of the underlying storage layer. Users can request databases from the self-service console and have them provisioned within minutes instead of hours while keeping storage needs to a minimum.

This Session will cover database automation for devops:
1) self-service users such as developers and QA can leverage DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) to quickly provision databases
2) create storage efficient thin clones for development purposes, and
3) chargeback/show back of resources used at the OS and DB level to ensure that proper accounting is kept for resource usage in your private cloud.
7/7/20217:00pm AEST1 hour
Magic of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ansible by Arpit Agrawal This session would cover the aspects of Infrastructure provisioning in OCI using Terraform on the fundamentals of Infrastructure as a code.

Why automate OCI Provisioning? Real world Terraform OCI Examples Terraform Installation and Best practices Tip and Tricks on Infrastructure as a code.
4/8/202112:00pm AEST1 hour

This year we’ve been able to secure some of the worlds best speakers to present the Webinar Series 2021. 

To find out more about each speaker, read the their bio and see what papers they will be presenting, simply click on the desired speaker.


Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Expert

Omnix International

President, Douglas Volz Consulting

Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc