The Australian Oracle User Group, AUSOUG, have a focus on bringing together our Oracle community and servicing their core technical, development and applications needs. A balanced program is aimed at all levels of skill and experience within a forum of User led independent knowledge sharing.

AUSOUG will be hosting a series of webinars to be held every Wednesday commencing on 6th February 2019 whereby each week will focus on a particular area.

We invite Oracle professionals to submit abstracts for the Webinar Series.


  • Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology
  • Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Tools
  • Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications)
  • Emerging Technologies


Area of Interest

  • How API Management and cloud-based integration deliver smarter, scalable, easy-to-provision business apps & data.
  • Microservices & APIs Deliver App Agility, Speed – Microservices, APIs and containers are powering innovative apps for web, mobile, cloud-native and IoT.
  • Security for the New-Gen Digital Enterprise – APIs, Cloud, Hybrid Apps & IoT are stressing traditional security. Update your security at every step with more automation, control, and visibility.
  • Analytics, Smarter Data Pipelines from Integration – ROI on analytics, big data, data lake and streaming data architectures
  • Data Virtualization Get Data Where It’s Needed Easily provide real-time, unified and trusted views of business data – without complexity or even moving data.
  • Low Code Integration for App, Data  New-gen integration is going low-code (event no code). Promote faster apps, richer data — not only for developers but even business users.
  • Next Gen Cloud Applications -Cloud framework which embeds emerging technology such as AI, Blockchain and IoT at its core.
  • Different options when migrating your applications to the Cloud ,Understanding cloud discounting options – Comparing instance pricing , On-demand cloud instance pricing ,Discounted cloud instance pricing etc .

We are constantly seeking presenters for the Webinar Series.
If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please submit your paper/abstract via this link.



Week 1

Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Oracle Sharding Technical Deep Dive

Presenter: Venkata Ravi Kumar Yenugula

New in Database 18c And You Won’t Hear About It From Oracle
6 March 12:00pm

Presenter: Daniel Morgan (US)

FLASHBACK – The Forgotten Feature
3 April 7:00pm

Presenter: Connor McDonald (Aus)

Oracle 18c New Features
1 May 7:00pm

Presenter: Suresh Gandhi (AUS)

Oracle Autonomous Database: What’s the DBAs Role?
5 June 12:00pm

Presenter: Biju Thomas (USA)

Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers. Why, when and how to use it?
5 June 7:00pm
Presenter: Franky Weber Faust (Brazil)

Get Ready For Brain OverLoad with Oracle Database 12.2/18c/19c Features
10 July 12:00pm

Presenter: Charles Kim (US)

From Chatbots to Digital Assistants with Oracle
11 July 4:00pm Adelaide Time

Presenter: Franco Ucci

Multitenant 12.1 to 18c : Technical Deep Dive Abstract
7 August 7:00pm

Presenter: Anuj Mohan (US)

MySQL InnoDB Cluster and NDB Cluster
4 September 12:00pm

Presenter: Ronen Baram (AUS)

Week 2

Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security & Tools

Unified Audit and Database 19c Security Update
Database Vault - including 19c Database Vault Operations Control
13 March 12:00pm

Presenter:Russ Lowenthal(US)

Oracle JET Charts in APEX – Data Viz Now!
8 May 12:00pm

Presenter: Karen Cannell (US)

Interactive Grid API Essentials: The Stuff You'll Really Use
12 June 12:00pm

Presenter: Karen Cannell (US)

Using Python With Oracle Database
12 June 7:00 pm (12 noon EEST (Jordan, Amman))
Presenter: Osama Mustafa (Jordan)

Voyage to Visual Builder Cloud Service: First Impressions from an APEX Gal
17 July 12:00pm

Presenter: Karen Cannell (US)

Managing Multiple Applications
14 August 12:00pm

Presenter: Scott Wesley


Week 3

Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications)

Oracle EBS Lyft and Shift Migration from Oracle ExaData,ExaLogic on premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
20 March 12:00 pm

Presenter : Javid Rahaman (US)

Learn how to unlock your EBS data for free running in days!
17 April 12:00 pm

Presenter : Gustavo Gonzalez (ARG)

Cloud Applications HCM build your own chatbot / Digital Assistant
15. May 7:00pm
Presenter : Debra Lilley (UK)

EBS Role Based Access Control:Automate new users/roles with approvals using AME
19 June 12:00pm

Presenter: Susan Behn (USA)

Integration Options for On-Premises and Cloud with Oracle E-Business Suite
19 June 7:00pm
Presenter: Rekha Ayothi (India)

The cost of not automating account payables – what are you missing?
24 July 12:00 pm
Presenter : Gustavo Gonzalez (ARG)

Cloud SaaS Applications
24 July 7:00pm

Presenter: Debra Lilley (UK)

Insightsoftware Sheds Light on Replacing Discoverer
21 August 7:00pm

Presenter: Robyn White (AUS)


Week 4

Emerging Technologies and Cloud Migrations

Application and Database Migrations to AWS, Oracle Cloud Business Benefits of having hybrid cloud for Accelerated Growth and Innovation
27 February 12:00pm

Presenter : Javid Rahaman (US)

Query Optimization (who influences and how it works)
27 March 12:00pm

Presenter: Chandan Tanwani (India)

Vagrant+Ansible+Terraform for DB
24 April 7:00pm

Presenter: Suresh Gandhi (AUS)

Node.js and Oracle Database: New Development Techniques
22 May 12:00pm

Presenter: Christopher Jones (Mel)

The ultimate Guide for Devops
26 June 7:00pm

Presenter: Osama Mustafa (Jordan)

Oracle Certified Gen2 Cloud Architect: What, Why & How?
28 August 7:00pm

Presenter: Atul Kumar (UK)

Changing views on integration – from Enterprise Service Bus to API Gateway, Serverless and iPaaS
25 September 7:00pm

Presenter: Lucas Jellema (Netherlands)

Week 5At Your Service: APEX & Web Services
29 May 12:00pm
Presenter: Scott Spendolini (US)


This year we’ve been able to secure some of the worlds best speakers to deliver a conference like no other.  The confirmed speakers for the Perth conference are listed below.  To find out more about each speaker, read the their bio and see what papers they will be presenting, simply click on the desired speaker.


Karen Cannell

Ravi Kumar

Y V Ravi Kumar

Osama Mustafa

Osama Mustafa


Sai Pradeep Vattem


Christopher Jones

Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan


Franky Weber Faust

Connor Mcdonals

Connor McDonald

Atul Kumar

Atul Kumar – from UK

Debra Lilley

Debra Lilley – from UK

Javid Rahaman

Javid Rahaman

Rekha Ayothi

Rekha Ayothi

Anuj Mohan

Anuj Mohan

Scott Spendolini

Scott Spendolini


Ronen Baram


Biju Thomas

Susan Behn

Susan Behn

Franco Ucci

Franco Ucci

Gustavo Gonzalez

Gustavo Gonzalez