Trichy (Prem) Premkumar

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Trichy (Prem) Premkumar

Chief Architect

Dell Technologies


Prem is an Enterprise Architect with more than 25 years of IT experience. Prem has a strong Application and Oracle Database development background and has extensive experience in architecting innovative solutions for very large enterprises around the world that demand the highest level of performance, business continuity, availability and data protection. In his current role, Prem helps customers to modernize their traditional application and database data protection, adopt Big Data and next generation databases, and, help embrace digital transformation. Prem works as part of the Dell EMC Global Technology Office and liaise with Product Management to help drive product development, taking customer feedback from Customers. Prem is TOGAF and Dell EMC Expert Certified, a Senior Certified Practicing member of the Australian Computer Society and a committee member of the Victorian Oracle User Group.


Securing your Oracle Database assets from operational, disaster and cyber incidents

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Many organisations spend enormous amount of time protecting their Mission Critical workloads that uses Oracle database. Discover how you can modernise and manage your Mission critical databases by exception in private and public cloud. Learn how to automate and provide self-service capability that allows to simplify the process to provide operational, disaster and cyber security.

Protect your data from threats in a digital, multi-cloud world

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

As more and more businesses move into a digital world the use of cloud, containers and cloud-native solutions is common and understanding the challenges to protect applications and their data across traditional (e.g. Oracle) and modern databases (e.g. NoSQL) is important. In this session you can learn how to simplify your data protection in a multi-cloud environment supporting traditional and modern applications and databases. The session will also cover how to extend the data protection solution to provide a comprehensive cyber recovery capability to recover your data from a cyber event.