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Niall Mc Phillips


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Niall Mc Phillips is an Oracle ACE and is the organiser of the Swiss APEX Meetup group. Niall has been developing using Oracle since 1989, has been using Oracle PL/SQL Web technologies since 1995, and has used Oracle APEX since 2005. He has developed a number of large, multilingual applications for multinational companies and organizations all over the world. He is a strong believer in APEX and PL/SQL solutions because of their stability, scalability, and rapid development speed. Niall has presented at conferences on different subjects including the use of Oracle technologies such as APEX, PL/SQL, Oracle Text, SODA, Multimedia as well as on his experiences with the implementation of large Oracle APEX projects.


Using ORDS, REST webservices, PL/SQL and OAuth2 to Build, Deploy and Secure an API

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

In this presentation, through building practical examples, attendees will learn how to build a secured REST API to enable searching on their application. The resulting technology-independent REST API will be usable by both Oracle and by non-Oracle environments alike. Topics to be covered include: - an architectural overview of the creation of ORDS web services in PL/SQL - setting up ORDS for your database schema - defining the search API in PL/SQL - creating ORDS module and templates for the API - management of HTTP return statuses and result pages pagination - securing the API via OAuth2 using ORDS clients, privileges and roles.