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Lucas Jellema

Chief Technology Officer Cloud Architect

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Lucas Jellema is solution architect and CTO at AMIS, The Netherlands. The running theme through most of his activities is transfer of knowledge and enthusiasm (and live demos). Lucas is JavaOne 2015 Rockstar, Oracle Developer Champion and ACE Director and a frequent speaker at conferences such as Oracle Code, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Devoxx. He publishes techy stuff at Github, Medium, Slideshare, DZone, OTN, and the AMIS Technology Blog. He is the author of two books with O'Reilly Press.


6Reinventing Oracle Systems in a Cloudy World

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

The 6R model describes six ways to move systems forward. Oracle systems - database, middleware, custom applications and integrations - need special consideration and treatment when defining their roadmap. This session discusses these considerations and outlines forward strategies. Real life cases are used to illustrate the points made. The cloud is changing many things. Even the decision to not (yet) adopt cloud is one to make explicitly. Now is a time for any organization to reconsider the IT landscape. For each system we should make a conscious ruling on its roadmap. The 6R model suggests six ways to move a system forward. This session uses the 6R model and applies it specifically to Oracle technology based systems: what are the options and considerations for Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, custom applications and other red components. What future should we consider and how do we choose? The paths chosen by several Oracle-heavy users is presented to illustrate these options and the decision making process. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database play a role, as do Azure IaaS and Azure Managed Database as well as on premises systems. Latency, recovery, scalability, licenses, automation, lock-in, skills and resources all make their appearance.