Lino Schildenfeld

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Lino Schildenfeld

APEX Expert



With over 13 years experience working with Oracle tools Lino started his ventures with APEX 3.1 version back in 2008. In early 2015 became freelance APEX consultant. He worked for US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia based clients from all sectors. He is an Oracle ACE and regular APAC and AUSOUG conference speaker.


APEX security scanning - what can we learn from it?

Event: AUSOUG Connect 2023, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Melbourne, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Perth
Stream: Development

In case you have ever wondered what does it take to run a security scan on your applications this might be a session for you. We will explore options on latest version of APEX SERT and APEX Sec tools and see how these can help us in understanding of core APEX Security flaws we as developers open during everyday development life-cycles. Presentation will be demo based and is intended for audience of all levels.

Cypress vs Ghost Inspector - APEX automated testing

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

We build apps but we all struggle with testing. How hard can it be to get automated UI testing going? We developers should be the first line of automated testing. Join me for this session where we will get insight how difficult it is to incorporate tools like and Ghost Inspector into your everyday development life-cycles. We will compare features of these two tools; and how hard it is to install, run and use them with APEX. Aimed at audience of all levels

JavaScript in APEX for PL/SQL developers

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

For some reason we Oracle developers either love JavaScript or we try to avoid using/learning it. This is across the board first hand experience. Why is this? In this session we will try to look into pure concepts, clarify, close this gap and show why we all should be opened to using it. We will touch on things like: - JS vs PL/SQL - client side vs server side data - how to organize code for better re-usability - call PL/SQL and passing values - HTML & DOM basics - JS in APEX history & future Take the next step in your APEX JavaScript familiarization.