Christopher Jones


Christopher Jones

Senior Principal Product Manager



Christopher is a Senior Principal Product Manager working with the Oracle Database Data Access team primarily on APIs for scripting languages including Node.js, Python, PHP and the ODPI-C library for Oracle Database drivers. He has responsibilities for Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and related Oracle Database APIs; for Oracle Database clients such as Oracle Instant Client; and for general database adoption by developers, including championing Oracle Database XE. He remains a lead maintainer of PHP's OCI8 extension for Oracle Database. He co-released the popular book "The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual" and is the author of a number of technical articles. Christopher has presented at big and small conferences around the world including the O'Reilly Open Source Convention and Oracle OpenWorld.


Python and Oracle Database: a new Thin driver with easy installation and fast data access

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

This year's major update to the Python driver for Oracle Database introduced a new name: python-oracledb. But more importantly, it now has a 'Thin' mode that dramatically simplifies installation. The updated driver is much smaller and faster. What's new and how to use the new Thin mode and traditional Thick mode will be shown in this session. See how to use the driver's standard Python DB API. Also, learn how Oracle Database's unique features will let you build scalable and reliable applications. This talk focuses on using the API directly from Python code, but it also shows basic examples of common Python frameworks and ORMs. Whether you are doing data analysis, building websites and microservices, or creating management and monitoring scripts, python-oracledb is an easy-to-use and efficient driver you should know how to use.