Announcing Oracle E-Business Suite: Innovations in 2020

Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) innovations in 2020. (Video announcement). In summary, we’ve delivered:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.10: the latest in a series of annual, suite-wide updates (available for all 12.2 releases)

  • Enterprise Command Centers: two releases of new and enhanced Enterprise Command Centers (available for 12.2.4 and higher)

  • G-Invoicing for US Federal Program Agencies: support for more efficient management of intragovernmental buy/sell transactions (available for 12.2.7 and higher)

  • EBS Mobile Release 9: updates to smartphone apps (available for 12.1.3 and all 12.2 releases)

  • HRMS Release Update Pack: annual legislative updates for Oracle Human Capital Management (available for 12.1.3 and all 12.2 releases)

  • EBS Person Data Removal Tool (PDRT): updates to the tool for safely removing sensitive data associated with people in EBS systems (available for 12.1.3 and all 12.2 releases)

  • EBS Cloud Manager for EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: increased automation to help enterprises run Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) (available for 12.1.3 and all 12.2 releases)

    The 2020 innovations were made available in different release vehicles throughout the year, the biggest being the 12.2.10 release that we are announcing today.


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