Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud now open in Sydney and Melbourne

Now Available Locally in Sydney and Melbourne

Oracle has announced its “Generation 2 Cloud” will go live in Australia later this month, with a new region opening in Sydney. Cloud computing has engulfed lots of IT, but one of the untapped regions of the tech and business world is the industry cloud, focusing on vertical industries and more specialised applications.

The new cloud, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison said during OpenWorld in October, provides security and automation features uniquely built for the enterprise.

The region comes alongside three others launching this month in Mumbai, Zurich, and Sao Paulo. The company plans to have 19 regions live by the end of 2019.

Oracle also plans to have a second Australian “Generation 2 Cloud” region, with one slated to open in Melbourne early 2020.

“As more Australian businesses look for new ways to unlock value from their data and drive innovation, Oracle is making deep local investment to ensure they have the right platform for transformation,” Oracle Australia and New Zealand vice president of technology Valery Lanovenko said.

“This is a whole new class of cloud, designed from the ground up to both host mission critical workloads and drive innovation.”

According to Oracle, its new cloud infrastructure offers customers artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications, machine learning-integrated security, automated analytics, and Oracle Autonomous Database.

“This new data centre helps us address significant customer demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database, and meet local regulatory requirements,” Lanovenko added.

In announcing the “Generation 2 Cloud” Ellison said the most important part is the autonomous database.

Taking aim at cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ellison compared the autonomous database to the reported development of an AWS semi-autonomous database. He likened semi-autonomous databases to a semi-autonomous car.

“You get in, you drive and you die,” he said. By comparison, Ellison said, the Oracle database “really is self driving. No one’s going to die.”

The majority of organisations across this region, the company said, are using Oracle to manage their mission-critical workloads.

Not all clouds are created equal.

The Generation 2 Cloud has been built from the ground up to provide businesses with better performance, pricing, and security. Having a second region based in Australia will offer local enterprise customers enhanced business continuity, disaster recovery and jurisdiction to meet compliance requirements without the latency penalty associated with moving data over long distances to offshore data centres.

Oracle continues to invest in Australia with the opening of our second data centre in under 6 months, enabling customers to deploy both production and disaster recovery capabilities.

Experience the new standard in performance and predictability with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, offering:

  • Superior price performance delivering tremendous value to customers running workloads that matter.
  • Full adoption of cloud technology as a production service with disaster recovery now available across two data centre locations in Australia.
  • Cutting-edge tools for innovation including AI applications, machine-learning security, and the world’s first autonomous database – all spun up within minutes.
  • True peace of mind with core-to-edge cloud security designed for complete local, regional, and global compliance.
  • Faster, simpler migration supported by open-standards technology, prebuilt systems integration and migration of many on-premise services to the cloud.
  • Freedom of accessibility to analytics, AI, and machine learning through any browser or mobile device.
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