Cloud Apps Series 2024

Cloud Apps Series 2024

Senior Account Executive insightsoftware

Stephen Pryde

Naill McLean e1718691114776
Senior Director of Product Management insightsoftware

Naill McLean

Senior Solutions Engineer insightsoftware

Ugesan Pillai

It’s time to deep dive into the Cloud Apps.

This year bring another fantastic lineup of expert speakers to share their knowledge and experience with the wider community. 

The objective is to re-energize the Oracle Community, share knowledge, learn and network.

Strictly no recruiting, poaching, selling or pitching.

With that, we want the key Oracle players and partners in Australia to get involved, through either

  • Sponsoring an event (provide meeting room, simple catering, and support with co-advertising and PR activities)
  • Become a sub-committee member (help organise the events and get to know great people)
  • Be a speaker (share your knowledge and experience)
The team is working on further confirmations so keep an eye on the new updates.
Please contact for more information
Date and TimeSpeaker and PresentationRegistration

Thursday 18th July at 3PM AEST

Stephen Pryde
Senior Account Executive
, insightsoftware

Naill McLean
Senior Director of Product Management
, insightsoftware

Ugesan Pillai
Senior Solutions Engineer
, insightsoftware

Excel Connected Reporting Solution for Oracle EBS and Cloud
In today’s fast-paced business environment, having timely access to accurate data is crucial for making informed decisions. However, the complexity of Oracle database schemas and the reliance on IT for data retrieval often delay critical insights. Our modern, connected reporting solution bridges this gap by offering both Excel and Power BI experiences that share the same multi-source connectivity, data, and pre-built business views. This integrated approach supports the reporting needs of a broad set of business users, from finance to non-finance, ensuring that your organisation can leverage its data effectively and efficiently.

Join this webinar to learn how our Oracle solution can:

• Support diverse reporting needs: Provide a flexible and consistent reporting platform for both finance and non-finance users.

• Enable seamless reporting: Offer a single, connected platform for Excel and web report consumption, eliminating the need for data analysts or IT.

• Scale with your data: Handle large data volumes from multiple sources with pre- built reports and dashboards for common business scenarios.

• Ensure security and compliance: Deliver a secure, governed, and Oracle compliant solution.

• Integrate directly with Oracle: Discover and integrate customisations and deliver self-service visualisation through direct Oracle integration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your reporting capabilities and empower your business users with a seamless, integrated reporting experience build specifically for Oracle.

Register Now

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