Information Life Cycle Management : Manage Exponential Data Growth (Live Demo) by Chandan Tanwani

The exponential increase of data volumes puts enterprise IT infrastructures under pressure in cost, performance, scalability, and manageability. The regulatory requirements are changing, like how and why data are retained. Many organizations are now required to maintain and control more information for a more extended period. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is applying policies for the […]

Discoverer Replacement with the 12.2 upgrade toolkit

Discoverer Replacement with the 12.2 upgrade toolkit This session will provide EBS project/support consulting teams with a flexible toolkit for a multitude of implementation challenges within the EBS framework. If you are planning to upgrade your EBS to release 12.2, and/or are still using Discoverer reports, this session is for you. The first half of […]

Oracle Database Time Machine

Oracle Database Time Machine Can we get a “Ctrl+C Ctrl+V” kind of experience for creating clones of multi-terabyte Oracle databases? How much resources( Capex and Opex costs) do you incur in your organization to create clones of databases? As DBAs, we spend lot of time on :1) Maintain protection SLA’s for databases2) Create clones of production databases […]

Cloud deployments the cloud way

Cloud deployments the cloud way With everyone talking about “the cloud” and all the advantages the new technology offers, it is about time to introduce these for an Oracle Database Administrator. This session covers automation tools suitable for IaaS deployments. You almost certainly heard “speed to market”, “quicker deployment”, “faster access to resources” when people […]