Oracle Database AWR/Statspack Workshop with Richard Foote

“When an application suddenly runs “slow” or when people start complaining about the “poor performance” of the database, there’s often some uncertainty in how to most quickly and most accurately determine the “root” cause of any such slowdown and effectively address any associated issues. One of the available tools in the DBA toolkit is the […]

Oracle Linux DevSecOps: Staying Ahead of Cyberthreats by Nirav Kamdar

Oracle Linux (OL) Premier Support includes KVM and server virtualization manager, Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment which includes Kubernetes, Kata Containers, and more. IT systems require regular patching for security, performance, and compliance reasons. OL Premier support also includes zero-downtime kernel and user-space updates with Oracle Ksplice. 1. Secure Linux: Oracle Linux is certified under […]

Add interactive Google Maps to your APEX application by Jeffrey Kemp

Add interactive Google Maps to your APEX application The Google ReportMap plugin for APEX allows you to quickly and easily add data visualisations on top of the customer-focussed map features provided by the Google Maps Javascript API. Many interactive capabilities can be added using nothing but declarative features (no code), and highly customised behaviour can […]

How to work smarter with Payables by Nigel Grange

How to work smarter with Payables Processing invoices can feel like a formidable task, the share amount of data that must be collected, verified, and processed is massive. What if there was a better way to streamline invoice processing? See how to get the most out of the industry-leading More4apps AP Invoice wizard and transform […]

The new norm: Optimizing Oracle workloads to do more with less by Chris Bannayan

The new norm: Optimizing Oracle workloads to do more with less Evolving business pressures and economic uncertainties are creating new challenges for IT departments to do more with less. To support businesses in this new norm a simple, resilient and agile infrastructure is needed now more than ever. You’re invited to join Pure Storage’s webinar […]

ZDLRA, What you need to know to understand it by Fernando Simon

ZDLRA, What you need to know to understand it Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) is an Oracle Engineered System and part of MAA family that was built to protect your databases for several kinds of outages and provide reliable recovery options. But what is ZDLRA? And how the features work to allows you to […]

OAF Personalizations 2021 – New Advanced Examples by Susan Behn

Have you ever wanted to add an LOV to an OAF page without using jDeveloper? This and many other examples in this presentation can be easily replicated to streamline the user experience. The primary purpose of this presentation is to promote personalization over customization or extension. Oracle has continued to improve the personalization functionality especially […]

Converged Database by Arvind Bhope

Modern data driven applications are bringing in a lot more complexity with different data types like Relational,Document,Spatial,Graph, etc and workloads Transactions ,analytics, ML,IOT to name a few. This data and workload require different database algorithms to solve with unique development paradigms and the two possible data strategies are Single Purpose purpose built databases which are […]