With the exponential growth of Oracle APEX development platform, the Australian Oracle User Group, AUSOUG, is pleased to announce a 

2021 APEX SPECIAL SERIES of workshops and webinars with a focus on different aspects of Oracle APEX technology. 

AUSOUG team introduced the first APEX webinars series in 2017, focusing on increasing community outreach in the APAC region. 2021 will be no exception!!!!

On a monthly basis, online and within the comfort of your home, AUSOUG APEX Special Series provides insight in a variety of technologies – SQL, PL/SQL, APEX, APEX service, Cloud, Upgrades & Migrations, and many more.  
What’s even better, if you cannot attend a specific session, the recording will be available for viewing later at your convenience.  

AUSOUG is delighted to see even more members of the core Oracle APEX team joining us. 

It will be a pleasure having you on board!

Starting on 30 April, 2021, continuing through late into the year.

Sessions will be targeted at beginners, intermediate and expert audiences, so if you’re completely new to APEX or you just want to learn more, there will be topics for all.
Hoping to reach the communities in Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. 

We would really appreciate your help in spreading the word!!

Starting strong with renowned Oracle APEX Product Development Team members, opening the series with a workshop by Chaitanya Koratamaddi on Low Code Development with Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database Workshop.

Followed by Monica Godoy, with a great session on Migrating Forms to APEX.

Later in June, Carsten Czarski talks about The New Map Region Type in APEX 21.1.

Learn how to build and deploy scalable, secure enterprise applications and provide a value to your clients using low-code platform Application express.

Exciting times ahead and hope you will join us. Sign up for the sessions using links below:

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TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
APEX Dynamic Action 21.1 Enhancements & Workshop by Lino Schildenfeld Today's users have high expectations of modern, rich and responsive apps from their day to day exposures.

This is exactly what Dynamic actions are for and why they are so loved by us Dev's and end users.

In this session we tack all corners of DA and how they can be utilized in your applications.
Things we will cover:
- Triggering actions on uncommon page elements
- Event bubbling
- Passing data between your DA and PL/SQL
- Debugging
- Best/Bad practices
30/7/20217:00pm AEST2 hours
Low Code Development with Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database by Chaitanya Koratamaddi Oracle APEX is the world’s most popular low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern data-driven applications. Business users and application developers can create enterprise apps 38X faster without having to learn complex web technologies.

Gain hands on experience learning how the new APEX Service works to build a fully functional APEX app in less than an hour. Go from zero to hero in a ridiculously short period of time! This workshop includes two parts:

Creating an App based on Existing Tables for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services

In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to quickly and easily build impressive apps on top of your existing data.

Building an App using REST Data Sources for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services

In this hands-on lab, you learn how easy it is to build Oracle APEX apps utilizing RESTful Services. You learn how to create REST enabled database objects, and then use those REST endpoints as the basis for REST Data Sources within an application.
9/8/20217:00pm AEST2 hours
Flows for APEX 5.1.2 and beyond by Niels de Bruijn Flows for APEX is an open source tool that enables modeling as well as execution of BPMN 2.0 processes in Oracle Application Express.

In this session I will give an overview of what it is all about and will outline what is in the works for the next release.
26/8/20217:00pm AEST1 hour

Upcoming Program

  • Faceted Search and Dynamic Action Enhancements
  • APEX and MLE 
  • Multimedia extension
  • Universal Theme Enhancements
  • APEX 21.1 New Features
  • Report Printing Enhancements


Big thank you to all speakers and a special thanks to Chaitanya for his efforts in helping AUSOUG team deliver this year’s series.