Migrate Your Oracle Forms Apps to Oracle APEX by Monica Godoy

 Migrate Your Oracle Forms Apps to Oracle APEX Oracle Forms is an established technology that has been popular for building data applications for decades. Today, there are several approaches for building such applications.  In this session, you will learn:• How to use Oracle APEX to modernize your Oracle Forms-based applications.• When it’s a good moment to […]

Why Should You Embrace Oracle APEX Application Development for Your Next Development Project?

Prabir Kr. Kundu
AVP – Cloud and Platform Management

Prabir Kr Kundu has a rich IT experience of more than 28+ years working with organizations across industries and geographies. Of these 15+ years’ experience have been working on different Oracle Technologies. He has deep fundamental knowledge in Cloud Solution Design & architecture, Platform Management, Platform Modernization, Digital Transformation. He is also a subject-matter expert in Data and Cloud Security for organizations. Focused on addressing customer challenges and helping them on their journey to the cloud.

Securing your mission critical systems running Oracle from cyber attacks by Trichy Premkumar

Securing your mission critical systems running Oracle from cyber attacks Such cyberattacks can cripple an organization, leading to revenue loss, negative publicity, and lasting customer distrust. In this session we will review how Oracle data protection can be simplified, secured and enhanced to include comprehensive cyber recovery protection. Live Webinar Date : 9 June 2021 Time : […]

Low Code Development with Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database by Chaitanya Koratamaddi

Low Code Development with Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database Workshop Oracle APEX is the world’s most popular low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern data-driven applications. Business users and application developers can create enterprise apps 38X faster without having to learn complex web technologies. Gain hands on experience learning how the new APEX […]

Containerization 101 by Osama Mustafa

Containerization is the process of packaging software code, its required dependencies, configurations, and other detail to be easily deployed in the same or another computing environment. In simpler terms, containerization is the encapsulation of an application and its required environment, Learn about the docker , and what is Containerization such as Docker swarm and kubernetes. […]

How Does Oracle Cloud Costing Stack Up Against Oracle EBS Costing? by Doug Volz

Oracle keeps on “banging on” about the Cloud Applications. Are you curious what it looks like or how it compares to Oracle EBS? This webinar session moves beyond the fluffy sales presentations and dives into the details, directly comparing Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Costing. Including many of the Cloud Costing setup steps, so you […]

Location matters: The new Map Region Type in APEX 21.1 by Carsten Czarski

Location matters: The new Map Region Type in APEX 21.1 This presentation introduces the new Map Region Type, which was introduced the latest APEX release 21.1. Attendees will learn, how to easily visualize location data from a SQL query or a REST Data Source on a map – all declarative, without manual coding and without […]

Navigating Disaster Recovery with Equinix and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Public cloud consumption has been growing rapidly across Asia-Pacific in recent years as indicated by the uptake in secure, private connectivity to cloud services. The Cloud & IT services industry segment is forecast to see the largest Interconnection bandwidth growth in Asia-Pacific and also globally at a 50% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) according to […]