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Scott clearly has a passion for Oracle APEX. In the time since he's left Forms behind, he's recorded a video series; written a book; trained developers around the country; answered forum questions from around the world; and written many posts on all things APEX, and some things jQuery. Scott's been consulting with clients around Perth since 2000, enjoying his time with the Sage Computing crew for about a decade. He was recognised as an Oracle ACE in 2014 and he also loves science & astronomy, possibly a little too much

Paper Title and Abstract

Exploring AJAX from Afar - A low tech guide to web based applications

Stream: DEV

Google Autocomplete was launched in 2004 and it started to revolutionise how users interacted with web pages. A decade later Oracle have refined the art of generating interactive web pages from the database using APEX. However, the potential AJAX interactions provide is often underutilised. Some developers err when JavaScript is mentioned; Business analysts may potential bridges between requirement and capability; And managers may be surprised at the simplicity of the mechanics. This session aims is for everyone, and I offer a fresh look at what your browser can offer. These tools I used every day are for more than just APEX developers. I'll open the hood and shed light on some of the simple, but moving parts of modern browser behaviour.

Pre-requisites: Just an interest in the topic.